Indian Wedding Part 3 0 (0)

Last week, my younger cousin was getting married and out of many weddings that I have attended (so far); this one was a bit different. It almost ended with a “mini” disaster.

The wedding was scheduled to start at about 6.20 pm but by the time we dressed up and wade through the heavy traffic jam, it was almost 7.15… Click to read the rest

Mat Rempit – justice served! 0 (0)

Remember the post on Mat Rempit titled “One down, many more to go”?

Well, running through videos at Youtube brings some extra cheers on a Monday morning. There is justice after all for the rest of motorist on the road:-


And another although this one escaped serious injuries (but is likely to continue with the dangerous stunt):-

[youtube=]… Click to read the rest

Rain… 0 (0)

Just came back from Taiping after spending couple of “wet” days there.

I should have known – the monsoon season have started and being at the “wettest” place in Malaysia is not a good idea. My son and wife was down with cough, flu and fever.

More on the story and pictures once I have settled down.… Click to read the rest

One down, many more to go… 0 (0)

I picked up the newspaper today and one story brought a smile. It was titled “Mat Rempit dies in crash while racing”. I had expected to find a story that said that couple of Mat Rempits had died squashed by a heavy truck whilst racing but all I got was this:-

A 22-year-old Mat Rempit was killed when his motorcycle crashed while overtaking a car in Jalan Bechah Kura, near Peringat, early yesterday.

Click to read the rest

My “Wife” 0 (0)

Yesterday, I was doing my own work when one of my colleagues instant messaged me.

He asked this question “bala, your wife’s pic ah?” At first I was confused because I was not sure what my colleague was referring to (I don’t recall posting my wife’s photo anywhere recently).… Click to read the rest

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