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December 15, 2006

Toll Hike 2006: Reasons & Excuses Looks a Load of Crap!

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You saw the crap on the front pages today.

The crap is not the increase in the toll but rather the lame excuses given by the government for the increase. Samy Vellu can keep saying that the government is “sharing” the burden with the public. Samy Vellu may think that the public will agree with him on that but he is in fact rubbing salt on the wound by making such statement. When was the last time the government actually came down from the sky to share the burden of the people? Will someone refresh my memory?

RM1.20 increase for LDP (to and fro) – that’s about RM28.80 for 24 working days and RM345.60 for a whole year (assuming another toll increase is not scheduled). For RM345.60, it can easily cover 86 lunch or 5 full tank of petrol or 11 weeks of market expenses and so on – you get the drift.

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