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In Prison Cell

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Sam woke up in cold sweat and having lost track of the time, he was disillusioned as to where he was.

Soon everything slowly comes back to his memory – the time spent in the courts, his friends and family members shying away from him, countless hours of interrogations both by the police and then by the lawyers and finally the judge finding him guilty as charged and sentencing him to the death sentence. Yes, the world turned dark during that period of his life – it has remained as such since then.

Sam woke up and had a good look of his surroundings. He was in a prison cell and was in a special cell too – the one that held death row prisoners. He recalled being brought in the morning and due to the sudden change of his environment, he must have dozed off. He hazily recalled of his meal being served but he was not in a mood to eat and the prison warden did not bother to force him to eat as well. He was left alone in his cell. Such thing was a usual thing to happen to all death row prisoners on the first day.

Sam was on his feet and walked around his prison cell. It was not big but had enough space for him to stretch his legs. He could not see any sunlight but there was a dim light from the outside of his cell – he could barely see the interior of his cell. The air was stale and warm. The meal that was served to him earlier was still on the ground but had turned cold. He took couple of bites but did not find the courage to finish off the meal. It was quiet in the prison block and he had no one to speak to. Sam had no mood to sing as he usually does. He sat back on the floor and heard some footsteps. He looked up and noticed a prison warden who was making his regular rounds.

The warden stopped by Sam’s cell block, had a quick look at his meal and asked how he was holding up. Sam was a bit slow to reply but one of the first words that came out from his mouth was the query of the time. It was difficult to keep track of time in such a place. Warden looked up his watch and said that it was almost one thirty in the morning. After advising Sam to go back to sleep, the warden moved on, leaving Sam to be alone again. As Sam has just woken up from sleep, he was not in mood to go back to sleep. He had slim hope for his final appeal against the death sentence but the very thought of him losing his appeal dreaded him.

It must have been two thirty in the morning when Sam heard it.

Someone was crying from the next cell block. Must be another death row prisoner regretting his actions, thought Sam. Having nothing to do, Sam listened attentively and realized that it sounded like a woman crying. The crying must have gone on for another hour before suddenly it died out. Sam tried to listen for any sound but there was none. The cell area was back to be quiet. Sam tried to keep awake but soon he dozed off.

Sam was awakened by the warden – it was morning and it was time for his roll-call. As he pass by his neighboring cell block, Sam was curious about the prisoner who cried in the wee hours. Sam was a bit shocked to see the neighboring cell block was empty. Sam asked the prison warden but there was no reply. The warden looked strict and had no time to entertain small talk from a death row prisoner. When Sam was escorted back to his cell block, the warden looked at him and said that there have not any prisoners in the neighboring cell blocks for the last two months. He advised Sam to ignore any noises that he hears in the night. It was nothing more that his mind playing tricks on him.

Someone was crying again.

Sam tries to ignore the sound and held his eyes shut as he was sleeping. But the sound was even louder now than yesterday and no matter what Sam tried, it prevented him from continuing his sleep. Sam woke up. Immediately in front of him, at the other corner of his cell block was someone in white dress and long hair was sitting down and crying. At first, Sam thought he was having a dream but a good pinch on his hands made him realized he was not. With the dim light and there was a serene quietness, it was frightening to find someone in the same cell block crying. Sam was too shocked to say anything – for the time in many months, he feared for his life.

The crying was getting louder and louder….

(The above story is purely fictional and is based on a dream that I had couple days ago)

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4 thoughts on “In Prison Cell”

  1. Beautifull one yar .. I thought who were writing about some one’s last day in prision before hanging him . But bringing a devil with in was really good ..

    If it is ur dream , think u have marry when soon if u are not married , else marry again if u are already married

  2. Bengbeng – haha thanks…if I can wrote down all of my dreams, probably I can write a good but the problem is I usually forget them the moment I wake up.

    I read your story – scary if you are alone.

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