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Wake up and….

Wake up and smell the roses!

I recently added a yellow rose to my collection of roses in my small garden and it has been refreshing to wake up in the morning and to head straight to the garden and smell the fresh perfume fragrance of the rose.

I have a couple of roses in my garden – white with red edges, a full red and a full flame color (a mixture of red and orange) but none of the them have a strong rosy fragrance. So, I hop to my usual neighborhood nursery to look for a strong fragrance rose plant. When we reached the place, we noted that there was no one around at the nursery. A look at my watch revealed that it was already 11.00 am (not too early, not too late), so I walked around and saw the owner of the nursery in the office on the phone. I walked in and told him that I wanted to buy some rose plants. He walked out and he looked around for something. Apparently he was looking for his Indonesian workers – whom were missing at that moment.

He gave a couple of shouts and turned around and said that he does not have any strong fragrance rose plants for sale. He said he has normal rose plants (similar to the ones I already have in my garden). I turned down his offer and proceeded to look at some pots for my garden. Just then, one of his Indonesian workers came to our place and the owner started to scold the guy for missing from workplace. Leaving them aside, I started to pick the pots for the garden. The Indonesian worker came to where I was and helped me to pack the pots. The owner went back to his office, so I asked the worker whether they have any strong fragrance rose plants and immediately the answer I got was an affirmative yes.

Both of us headed to the back of the nursery where there were several pots of roses planted. The worker was not sure which of it has strong fragrance, so both of us proceeded to smell each of the flowers to pick the right one. We must have smelled at least 15 roses before found one. Apparently there were only left one plant left in the whole nursery and it was a good one too – the plant with bright yellow roses. I quickly got the worker to pack it up and place it in my car together with the pots that has been picked earlier. The rose plant cost me RM6.00 but it was worth it. It is not that often we get yellow roses.

My next target for the garden is to get red roses (with strong fragrance of course) and I have short listed couple of nurseries to check. The more roses I have, the fresher the morning will be – when I wake up and smell the roses.

More angle of the rose at BJ Photos – click here (there were 2 but I have cut one off for the altar) Tag: House

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