Perils of Eating Out

(Day 2 in Dubai)

There is a secret that I discovered in this trip.

I guess this time round, I am seeing the “other” side of Dubai, where the streets are dirty (same level of standard KL streets), the streets are narrow and there are more Indians than the original “UAEans”. It is both an eye opener and also a welcome change, for some of the food and items are cheap compared to the usual expensive Dubai shopping experience and also the fact that a “rich” nation Dubai does has it’s own version of downtown Harlem or Malaysia’s downtown Sentul.

The hotel that we are staying…well, let’s not call it a hotel although there is the word “hotel” in it’s name prominently displayed on the front of the building. It is rather a low cost service apartment. Low cost here means low cost in Dubai standard of course – costing 350 Dhrs (that almost RM350 per night!). It does not have the usual “luxury” facilities of other well-to-do hotels in Dubai but it does have a clean & comfortable bed, a working toilet and a TV with a Hindi channel. And yes, it also have a small kitchen but looking at the state of the kitchen, we rather spend extra cash eating outside. Further, none of us are great cook – we will only mess up the kitchen further. Trust us…it has happened before.

Opting to eat outside wearing a simple short sleeve T-shirt was a big mistake though. We were hungry and decided for a quick break before continuing with our work. When we walked from the building, it was freezing – as if we have walked from a warm area and into a very cold room. To make the matter worse, there is a highway nearby the office and this cause heavy wind to be blowing towards us. Cold!

Mental note – bring the sweater to work place. Tag: Other Travel

Dubai Day 1 – The touchdown

It was bright and beautiful.

The thing about flying off from KLIA at night is that we can see how much electricity being used by we Malaysians. For a “deserted” area like Sepang, the usage is unbelievable – bright lights on deserted roads for miles. Now imagine the same for the whole country. It’s high time we save up on electricity usage. The flight to Dubai was half full which means there would be plenty of seat to pick to sleep during the 7 hours flight. I had one of the best sleeps in a flight this time…able to stretch my legs and need not worry about my seat hitting the passenger at the back.

It was almost 20’C when we touched down in Dubai at 4.00 in the morning.

It was cold but not so cold – we were able to walk around without wearing any jackets but when the wind blows, it was like someone had switched on the air conditioner. A representative from the customer was suppose to meet us up at the entrance of the arrival hall and take us to the place which we suppose to stay during the duration of implementation in Dubai. We walked out and noticed that there was no one was waiting for us. An hour passed before we started to get worried. After almost 3 hours of waiting, we had enough and called our partners to double check on the situation. We were advised to take a cab and go to the hotel ourselves. By then, it was almost 7.00 am but luckily the weather was still cool. We reached the hotel and checked in. The quality of the room was not as we had expected but it was fairly enough for us to take a quick shower and rest.

As we wanted to check the state of work at the client’s place, we did not take the time to sleep off out jet lag but rather took a quick shower and joined the other members for a light breakfast. Light here meant having a masala thosai at one of the nearby Indian restaurants. The food was great and with some tea, it only cost us 22Dhr (for 4 of us). Some grocery shopping was also done at the nearby Indian grocery shop. In fact, most of the shops near our hotel is owned by Indians, so much so, we tend to forget that we are in Dubai and not in some ultra modern Indian city.

Traffic is a nightmare in this part of Dubai but our driver got through it to our destination on time. The PC connection is good but as ShaolinTiger mentioned, Flickr and Youtube is out of action in Dubai. So much so for me to post the pictures that I took – it seems now that I only can do that once I am back in Malaysia. I am using Photobucket to post the some of the pictures.

It is now almost 7.46 pm here in Dubai as I was typing this. We are still working and expected to be here for another 2 hours before heading back to the hotel to sleep. I doubt that I could wake up in time tomorrow morning. I would probably be dragging myself up from bed tomorrow. Tag: Other Travel