(Day 8 in Dubai) 

This is the stark reality here…little place in Sharjah, UAE…no internet (dial-up is there but the weak sick snail by the dirty drain is faster). So, it seems like it is going to a long “fasting month” for me for blogging. Work on  the other hand is mounting – I guess I have to give up on going to Oman for a short visit this weekend and spend my time sleeping and drafting (not blogging) my blog posts.… [Click to read the rest] “Offline!”

Movie Review 101: Historical Brave 300 2007


One of the best in cinematic & visual presentation of an old war – the movie 300 stands alone on visual effect. Image source:

[Click to read the rest] “Movie Review 101: Historical Brave 300 2007”

Squatters – to be or not to be?

(Kampung Baru – 100 year old village in middle of KL is now a tourist spot instead of being labeled as squatter area – picture: Wikipedia)

It seems like, in this country, the skyline of a town, city or even country changes depending on which side of the bed the government wakes up in the morning.… [Click to read the rest] “Squatters – to be or not to be?”

Uneven Kesas Highway

(Picture source: Kesas website)

Probably for Kesas users, this is nothing…

I think I probably need to open a separate blog or blog tag to talk about the condition of highways in the country and how much the ordinary motorist is made to “bleed” to use it. After all, when it comes to highway, toll and Samy Vellu, I am always on the offensive side – that they are guilty until proven innocent especially after Samy brought the OSA issue.… [Click to read the rest] “Uneven Kesas Highway”

“Smart toll not decided yet”

(Remember the fiasco with MRR2? Do you trust statements from politicians these days? Picture source: wikipedia)

So, said Samy Vellu in his usual gung-ho way. But reading through the lines, you know these are the facts:-

One: The toll charges is definitely going to be more than RM2.00 (I will not be surprised if it even reach RM3.00 or more).

[Click to read the rest] ““Smart toll not decided yet””
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