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(Day  10 in Dubai)

There is sometime during our hectic work schedule, we managed to squeeze time to visit The Mall of Emirates last week – reputed to be one of the biggest shopping mall in Dubai. We managed to get the client’s driver to drop us at the Mall – it was a good break from being holed up in the office or hotel room.  

Our plan for the night was to do some shopping (at least for the colleague who was flying off soon), dinner and then get as many photos as we can (we had not that many oppurtunity to exercise our photo taking skills).

The Mall of Emirates has this huge ski-centre but all we did was to see it from outside – for it was expensive and time was short. Nonetheless, a great dinner from a small Chinese outlet was a welcome change.

After couple of hours, we headed back to Sharjah – the traffic was bad but our client’s driver was skillful enough to apply the brakes whenever it was needed (the drivers here drives fast and brakes hard).

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