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(Day 26 in Dubai)


There is only 2 times in my life (that I can recall) where I left someone less breathless (in literal sense)…

First time… 

One was my dad when he took me and my brother for jogging at a remote place in Puchong and this was some 2o years ago. The Puchong – Serdang highway (now is part of LDP – cheaters!) was newly opened, bringing the journey from Serdang to Klang via Puchong shorter. There was no much traffic then and certainly there was no toll booths to kick users’ ass. It was a good place to go for jogging in midst of the road surrounded by secondary jungle. The only problem was we did not know what was lurking in the jungle.

My dad had asthma, so he could not jog – he took slow walk but we being younger, energetic and very curious was rather running than jogging and before we know it, we have run so fast that we lost sight of my dad. So, we traced back our steps and when we found him, he was breathless. He been walking up fast to catch up with us.

Second time.. 

Second time was my office buddy who coordinating my company’s participation on a jogathon. We had some practice session in the Lake Garden and as I was not so fit, I got left behind. To make things worse, I took a wrong turn and continued running on wrong direction. I must have run for almost 15 minutes when I heard someone shouted my name. I turned back and I saw my buddy, almost down on his knees, panting for air…

He been running fast to catch me and he is not fit as well. So, he must have mustered all his enough energies to run fast.  It was a surprise that he did not collapse in the middle.

I am breathless too now…in UAE – the work is piling up.

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