What a hectic time going to be in the next few days!

First was today…

I had to “rush” my Dad to IJN for his usual checkup scheduled at 10.30 am at 6.00 am. It was not an emergency but he wants to go early to beat the traffic jam and the long queue to see the doctor. Came back home early but then had to drive back to KL for more errands. On the way back, got news that my sister missed her flight to China because she was caught in traffic jam and had to reschedule it to midnight.

Next 3 days…

Going to Taiping for my sister in law’s engagement function. So, a mini break from work but not necessarily relaxing (you know lah how Indian functions works). Good thing is this trip gives me a chance to do shopping for new clothes (I am in dire need to get new ones).

Next week…

Flying off to Dubai again for assignment and I will be there for the next 48 days. Ya, already started my countdown from now.

Hectic indeed!

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