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Movie Review 101: Historical Brave 300 2007


One of the best in cinematic & visual presentation of an old war – the movie 300 stands alone on visual effect. Image source:

From Fireangelism:-

The soundtrack which accompanied these fight scenes were so powerful it makes you want to jump up, grab the nearest object, tear your clothes off, run into the screen, yell a war cry and join the Spartan army to kick some Persian ass. It MAKES you thirsty

And guess what, it actually did!

After hearing so much about the movie and drooled over its trailer on the Net, I made a “Spartanian” vow to watch it before I leave for the overseas assignment. Tossing between watching 300 and the Ghost Rider was not that tough as I earlier thought it will be.

After a tiring wedding engagement up in Taiping (more details & photos soon), we finally returned home on Saturday afternoon. Immediately after a quick shower, I hit the bed and was immediately knocked off.

On Sunday morning whilst I was having my late breakfast, I was reading through the Sunday papers and noted that the movie “300” was running in IOI Mall. This looks interesting because I had some errands to do in IOI Mall and timing looks perfect – do the errand and then rush off to see the movie.

I told my wife that we will go to a movie and she said “alright” without asking me which movie we are going to watch. Perhaps she knows that if it is me who is proposing to see a movie, then it can’t be a Tamil movie. She was right!

Only after I bought the tickets, I told her what we are going to watch and she remarked that the story (that I quickly narrated) was boring. When she heard that a bulk of the movie is about men fighting with a sword, she guessed that she will be dozing off 10 minutes into the movie.

And for the next 2 hours or so, we were sitting at the edge of our seats!

The opening of the movie was great but the actual battle was even greater. I never have seen blood splashing out from a human body so artistically and with so much grace and patience. The slow-motion of the Spartans fighting off the Persians reminded me of “The Matrix” (another cult movie) but something else was different.

Perhaps it was how the Spartans fight made it as different. Or perhaps the fact our Censorship Board did not cut several of the blood gory scenes and we Malaysians were finally able to appreciate the lethality of a sharp sword on a skilful hands

Legs, hands and even heads of the enemy was sent flying by the Spartans and that made me feel proud of the soldiers who were willing to lay down their life for the sake of freedom.

Sound and special effect are simply mind-blowing!

When the Spartans grouped together and covered their shields, the sound of the heavy metal hitting with each other sends fear down to those who listened to it. The Romans would have been proud of the precision and tactical genius.

At this juncture, I felt like getting down on my knees (Xerxes asked King Leonidas to knee down too but he got a flying spear to his face instead), put my hands together and pray that someone will re-produce the movie frame by frame on a large wallpaper. The graphics were simply too good to be ignored.

“Give them nothing! But take from them everything!”

Well said, my King Leonidas and the movie did justice to the ancient battle – you lost your life but you did take everything from the Persians!

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