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Taking a break!

(Day 5 in Kabul)

After couple of days of arrival in Kabul, we finally had a feel of the Afghan culture when we were treated to a dinner with a local band belting out local Afghan songs. A couple of “hindustani” songs was also sang when the band team leader noted a couple of “Indians” in the Malaysian group.

Half way to the dinner, the band played a special music and immediately a group of Afghans joined in the centre stage to dance the local Afghan song. It was fast and well done – eventhough the “dancers” were not professional dancers but rather the staff from our client’s office. I took a short video of it (minus the sound) but have yet to upload it into youtube (will do when I come back to Malaysia).

Somewhere in between, we were pushed into dancing to the local beat – the first was to go was my colleague, Tan who danced with the CEO of the client’s company. It was funny and yet exciting. It was not long before I was pushed in as well. Probably because I have some (limited) experience dancing after couple of beers in Malaysia, I think (I said I think) I danced well because I was pushed to dance twice.

Probably I need to practise more if I am going to try my “legs” on dancing to the local music.

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