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Why Blogs should ignore Zam?

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Oh…at least for now, of course! 

Aisehman, Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru have blogged about it but Dewan Karut enlighten me with the right reason:-

Bayangkan…ramai MP kat Parlimen tu. Semua orang punya suara yang sama kat dalam sana. Satu-satunya cara untuk orang (khususnya media) memberi perhatian kat awak, ialah dengan mencetuskan kontroversi.

These days, it looks like Malaysian politicians are nothing more than desperate people looking for cheap publicity. Otherwise, we won’t have some cross-dressers coming up with new dress code for women (they must have done something wrong, wearing neighbours’ bra). So, let’s just ignore them and continue to blog where it hurts them most – the corruption, wastage and ignorant within the Malaysian political cycle and at end of the day we would even go back home as patriots.

In fact, that way we may end up kicking their balls without even lifting our legs. Isn’t that great?

So, it really does not matter whether it is 2, 200, 20,000 or 200 million people reading the blogs as far as we are concerned…so, Zam, don’t lose sleep on small things (we bloggers don’t).

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