Bigger does not mean safer

This is interesting piece at Youtube (I like the last bit where a big chunk of the windscreen is sent flying towards the camera!)…


And read further details over Autoblog.

For a car that is as big as a Toyota Camry, use of inferior material clears shows how dangerous it can be when it is involved in an accident.… [Click to read the rest] “Bigger does not mean safer”

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Month of Sickness

(Cartoon source: 

It’s funny when things happen all at the same time…

I having flu and now having headache, my wife is having gastric problems, an uncle of mine was off from work due to high fever and now at home recovering, my mom was having fever last week, my cousin’s mother in law is in hospital (I don’t know why – my cousin did not bother to check) and close relative in Taiping is in hospital due to high blood pressure.… [Click to read the rest] “Month of Sickness”

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Indian Cinema 101: Those Tamil Movies That I Really Hate!

tamil movies

Tamil movies – there are some that truly get on my nerve. Don’t get me wrong – the acting is a first-class like how Sivaji Ganesan acted in Vietnam Veedu.

Couple days ago, Astro showed one old movie starring Sivaji Ganesan and whilst I admit that he is a great actor, the movie itself was a big pain in the neck (there are many similar Tamil movies sharing the similar storyline).

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Dentist Time


(Picture source:

My tooth is just fine though…

Last Saturday as I was just finishing washing my car (which has been neglected since I went overseas), my wife came to me, complaining about a toothache. She been having a toothache for sometime now but often put off the visit to the dentist.… [Click to read the rest] “Dentist Time”

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Foot in the Mouth: Singapore is not a real country!

(The most famous Singaporean ever – the famed comedian Kumar. Image source: CNA Lifestyle)

4th floor boys must be shitting in their pants now…

Notwithstanding the “dungu” alike statement from one “Yang Berhormat”, there is a very high chance that the minister who mentioned it will be back saying that he has been misquoted (despite caught on video).… [Click to read the rest] “Foot in the Mouth: Singapore is not a real country!”

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Malaysian NATO

(Picture source:

No Action Talk Only” – it is almost a Malaysian national slogan these days…

There are no people in Malaysia who champion the concept of “NATO” other than the local politicians (perhaps in other countries, things are fucked up as well). Local politicians waste no time (and shame) in using the public media to promote their so-called wisdom in making lame and bull-shit statements.… [Click to read the rest] “Malaysian NATO”

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On Hold

Some things are best to be kept on hold…

Sometime in September last year, Yvy said this to me “congrats on new blog n hopefully u can cope with the ‘kepeningan’ that comes with it. I also manage 2 blogs and the other seems to be very badly neglected. ‘kesian’….”[Click to read the rest] “On Hold”

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Quotable Quotes 2

(Picture source:

My friend Alex sure has ways with words…

We had week long training on a new testing tool at the office started yesterday. The classroom was packed as early as 9.00 am but the trainer who was flying down from Singapore was late. So, we went back to our workplace and waited for the coordinator to buzz us once the trainer has arrived.… [Click to read the rest] “Quotable Quotes 2”

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DIY Wedding Part 1


My wife’s sister is getting married in August (hmmm, this reminds me – I need to apply leave from work).

So, the vicious cycle of doing the necessary preparation for the wedding has commenced and due to the close relationship, we somehow got involved too. But that is because we already run through our own wedding preparation last time and my sister in law is in dire need of “experts” for advice.… [Click to read the rest] “DIY Wedding Part 1”

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English 101: The Wrong Email Styling Impressions

email language english communication

Sometimes, you can tell the difference from how people write things down or draft the content of their emails and then send it out to others. Image source: Reddit

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