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More sites unsecured!

I thought Astro was the only culprit but I was dead wrong…

Golden Screen Cinema was the other one. I know for some it may sound trivial but given the growing number of people using the internet these days, the ideas of personal information flying around unsecured is something I truly dread. Here full personal information freely transmitted over unsecured line all in the name of registration of new members.


Once again, you name it, you got it kind of information here:-





Contact Details

Salary Range

The above is just the information that I need to make online registration somewhere else or worse. So I wrote back to webmaster on the small feedback page that was made available:-

Dear webmaster, whilst the facilities provided under the site is good but the lack of secured page for personal information is a big concern. I am surprised that the URL is not under https when submitting sensitive personal information over an unsecured line.

I don’t think I need to emphasize the urgent need to ensure personal information is not leaked out during simple member registration at your site (which I hope it is not too late considering the period of which this site has been up). Please make the necessary changes to make site more secure.

The lack of security on this site is putting off many of us from registering. Thank you.

Let’s see whether this webmaster does something about it or like Astro, choose to do nothing and continue to prostitute the site for personal information.

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3 thoughts on “More sites unsecured!”

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  2. Raaja – the issue at hand is not whether need to provide full info or not. The issue is submitting full info over unsecured line. 2 different thing, brother.

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