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(Standing in attention to the national anthem – photo source:

The scene was in a hypermarket, at about 10.30 in the morning last Sunday

We were busy with our usual weekly shopping. The shopping cart was almost full with sundry items in one corner and my son on the other, holding tightly his new “Transformer” toy. We were about finish shopping when my wife remembered that we also need to buy some detergent for washing.

I skillfully made a quick u-turn with the shopping cart – a task which was not so easy to do since the cart was laden with items. Making it more difficult was a group of “shopping lane” hoggers blocking my path. They apparently looked lost in deciding whether they should buy cooking oil brand A costing RM2.00 or cooking oil brand B costing RM1.99. Indeed it is a tough call to make.

Anyway, we managed to squeeze out way through the crowd and head for the place where they kept the detergents. As we picking it, suddenly we heard something. Something that was very familiar but it is not something we hear everyday. We heard “Negaraku” played out on the loudspeaker. For a moment, we looked lost ourselves – who on the bloody earth will be playing the national anthem at a busy hypermarket market. Strangely, without realizing it, we dropped what we were doing and almost stood in attention.

Curiously, I looked around and noticed that the rest of the shoppers were minding their own business. Probably they are too busy with their shopping that they failed to hear the national anthem blaring on the loudspeaker. Those who noticed it, started to look lost themselves. Some started to shake their head and went on with their business.

Didn’t they know that it is OUR national anthem on air? Despite the fact that it was played on the wrong time and at the wrong place, people should have at least stood in attention for a while as a respect and thereafter go on with their business. Could not they have done a simple thing like that? What was the problem?

Perhaps before the Government acts on the student for “mocking” the national anthem (but read first the lyrics at Mahaguru58), the Government should check why in this country, many people could not care less about the national anthem (use this simple test – play the national anthem in a crowded place and see the reaction).

Is it because the people are fed up with something?

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4 thoughts on ““Negaraku””

  1. Ahh, in my moment of jealousy, forgot to comment on the subject matter. Please forgive me.

    I am all for the return to our basics of camaraderie that was the foundation and building blocks of the nation.

    I went to school with all my friends from all races and religion. We grew up respecting each other and had no problem playing happily together in the kampongs.

    City living turns people into uncaring folks. Good Samaritans almost always end up getting hurt by the very people they try to help or assist.

    The influx of foreign workers and their culture has in a way made us Malaysians forget our roots and we tend to focus on what divides us instead of what is the uniting factor.

    The Japanese Occupation and the Communist Terror unified all Malaysians back then and our forefathers had a common cause to put aside our differences and concentrate on nation building.

    Build the nation we did, but race based politics and interference in each other’s faith related matters as being espoused by the ones promoting their hidden agendas today gives way to the re-emergence of religious strife caused and fueled by insensitive individuals who go about doing so as if they are faultless and perfect in their objectives.

    In the eve of our nation’s 50th anniversary of achieving Independence from the British, we are sadly still being shackled by animosities against each other fanned by cybersnipers and anonymous instigators who just love to see mayhem and anarchy break out in this land as it did on May the 13th, 1969.

    We are all the children of Our Father, the Holy Prophet Adam Alaihissalam and our Mother Saiyidatina Hawwa Radhiallahu anha @ Eve.

    Sure, we differ today in our faiths and our cultures, our mindsets and our visions, each according to his or her personal agendas.

    We do need to realize where we are, what we are doing and what we want to achieve as our contribution to our fellow Malaysians and to Mankind.

    Malaysia is unique in the sense that here we are all so very different and practicing our own professed faiths. We do however manage to do so all these years except for a few hiccups every now and then, quite admirably.

    We all just need to exercise caution and discretion when addressing the many sensitive issues we hold near and dear to us.

    At the end of the day, each and everyone of us is just living out our precious seconds and moments here on Earth as given to us by the Almighty. None is going to live forever.

    To all Malaysians, and to you Balajoe, I wish ‘ Happy Merdeka’.

    Have a nice life. Ameen.

  2. Ha ha Mahaguru…just trying to keep up with some of the veteran bloggers out there.

    Totally agree with you brother that Malaysia is unique with multi culture and beliefs and we have managed to well so far but I don’t know, coming up to 50 years of celebrations, I somehow feel that we could have done better, much better if we have regarded ourselves as Malaysian first before the rest.

    Happy Merdeka to you too

  3. Perhaps, Malaysians are still lost on the true meaning of Merdeka.
    Perhaps, while one individual is grateful for something that the country gave him, there is another individual lamenting on the how the country took something away.
    Perhaps, while no one is doing anything to find out why these things happen, everyone is wondering why someone hasn’t given an explanation.
    Perhaps, while we were supposed to look deep into ourselves and ask what have we done to rectify our daily problems, we were busy squabbling on whom to blame and where to run if we were blamed.

    Perhaps, we should put aside all our petty differences like race, religion, language and political preferences and join hands as Bangsa Malaysia and celebrate Merdeka like we were supposed to.

    Happy Merdeka to all…

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