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Overseas Assignment 2007: Flying into Dangerous Kabul Again?


This is what was going in my mind now as I am sitting in my office on a Saturday night, pondering over an issue that my colleague in Kabul have just sent me over the email. Image source: Politico Magazine

The matter was not on the issue but more disturbing was another email  – from the client’s CEO to my big boss requesting me to be assigned to Kabul to help out on the system. Flattering I must say that the client’s CEO added the word “competent staff” but as much as I wanted to go, there are other factors running through my mine now.

One obvious factor in my mind is the sister in law’s wedding due end of the month. To say now that I may not make it is going to break a lot of people’s heart – starting with my wife of course. Further, Kabul, as some of you may be aware, was not exactly an ideal place to be.

It is a war zone and although I was there for almost 2 months and is considered as a veteran in the office, there is always a feeling of apprehension wherever the talk on Kabul stirs up at the office. What more with the mass kidnapping and suicide bombing that been flying around. And I never thought that I will be flying into Kabul Airport up so soon.

Of course, there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel – that is if we could solve the issues remotely, then there will not be any point for me to be going. But as I said, the light is dim, very dim indeed. Something tells me that people are not going to see me at the wedding – I might be in Kabul by then.

Of course, once I am there, there is always a possibility of me being asked to stay for a longer period to help the onsite team to tackle any issue that may arise. In Kabul, longer means I am going to be very sick – sick of the food and homesick. Of course, I have other Malaysians there to keep me company but nothing beats the comfort of home.

I am crossing my fingers now as I wait for my colleague to respond to a question that I asked on the instant message. It is going to be a long night at the office but I certainly don’t have any mood to blog.

In the meantime, I leave you with the powerful but heartwarming post from Harism Ibrahim titled “Addicted to Love”. Read his thoughts and understand – you may learn something.

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