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Petition to Agong

As someone commented, it is about bloody time!

From Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today:-

Malaysia Today is going to send a Peoples’ Petition (Petisyen Rakyat) to His Majesty The Yang di-Pertuan Agong. I really do not need to go into the host of reasons for the dire need of this Peoples’ Petition. Amongst some of the issues which are of concern to the Malaysian people are:

  • The recent shooting of two people in Kuala Terengganu.

  • The reported gang clashes in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johore over the 50th Merdeka celebration holiday that resulted in a few deaths.

  • The Auditor-General’s report that revealed gross and blatant abuses and transgressions in the management of the peoples’ money involving billions of Ringgit.

  • The state of affairs in the Royal Malaysian Police where even the former IGP Tun Hanif Omar admitted that corruption is a serious problem.

  • The state of affairs in the judiciary where senior judges have been bypassed in many promotion exercises in favour of candidates with blemished records.

  • The breakdown of law and order and allegations by serving police officers, who have signed Statutory Declarations or Affidavits, that the organised crime syndicate is running the police force.

  • The dangerous and alarming racial and religious divide.

  • Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s implication in the Oil-for Food scandal.

  • The need for electoral reforms as proven by the incidences of gerrymandering and phantom voters in the many general elections before this and which will continue and prevail in the next general election.

Our concern is not confined to just these nine issues above but suffice that these nine demonstrate the urgent need for this petition. The actual text of the petition will be properly worded to meet the protocol requirements of a letter that is addressed to The Agong but the spirit of the petition will encompass the above.

If you support this Peoples’ Petition, please sign it in the blog below. You need not add any comments. In fact, we do not need your comments. Just add your name to it. If you do not support it then no need to do anything.

(Those not registered in Malaysia Today but would like to sign the petition just send an e-mail to with the message “Signed” and your name.)

It does not take a genious to figure that there is seriously something wrong with our government. Sorry, I should not be using the word “our” because it has been long time since I heard the government did something for the people. Most of the time, it is about saving each other political careers, going over the book to keep those bums in power and raping the country’s resources as much as possible.  

As a concerned citizen, be patriot and kick out some bastards in the next general election but in the meantime, send a simple email to RPK for the petition.

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