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Highway “Screwed”


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Sometimes some people take most people to be suckers all the time. And you don’t have to go far than our local mainstream media to see it.

Read this:-

New toll rates by eight concessionaires from Jan 1

IPOH: Malaysians can expect a 10% increase in toll rates, with eight concessionaires raising their charges from Jan 1 next year, said Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

However, he said the ministry was working on several proposals to spread part of the cost to the concessionaires and the Government. “Rather than burden the people, we want to divide the load so the companies carry a bit and the people a bit.

“I will ask the Government how it can help in this situation,” he told reporters after launching a book on the Yayasan Strategik Sosial’s Plus 8 project here yesterday. Asked how much would the toll hikes actually involve, Samy Vellu said the agreement had stated a 10% increase.

“I have submitted a preliminary proposal and explained to the Cabinet what it would actually cost, what the reaction of people will be, what we can do as a government, what the concessionaires can do as responsible companies and what else can be done,” he said.

At another 10%, LDP will cost about RM1.80 to travel one way but the details are not out yet, so let’s wait and see what the Government “has” for us for Christmas.

Now I don’t know which planet Samy Vellu came from but continuing to talk on ways to reduce people burden is just another truck load of crap – amusing but hard to believe. The Government is so determined to help out the people?

I would have believed if the Government had reviewed the terms of the agreement again instead of giving up so easily and say that “it is part of the agreement”. Oh I forgot – the agreement is part of Official Secret documents, to be swept under the carpet. So, no one else can reviewed either. Sigh, no wonder it rained heavily yesterday morning.

Samy, just cut the crap and tell us which highway is affected and how much the people have to pay for the Government’s mistakes. More importantly, tell us what you intend to do on amending the highway concessionaires’ agreement.

Provide alternative projects for the concessionaires for them to agree to reduction of the highway charges. It is not like the Government does not know how to twist arm or sweet talk or pass legislations to get large corporations into agreeing to review contracts.

You don’t have to submit a “preliminary proposal” for the Cabinet for them to know what the people reaction will be.

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