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Travelling 101: 8 Things You Hate To See In A Flight

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I have a fair deal of flying especially in the last 3 years and I have come across many types of characters in the flight. Some are good, some are so-so ok to fly and some simply to say not deserve to be flying at all. There are some things that I really hate to see in my flight.

1. Bringing in the large luggage

This one I really hate because firstly it takes up space in the overhead compartment and secondly, it is slow to be dragging huge luggage along the aisle.

Some airlines are very strict on the weight and size of the luggage that can be brought in but most of the time; they simply close one eye to it.

Sometimes when looking at the size of the luggage some village idiot brings in, I really wonder whether the overhead compartment can take all that weight before it sents the luggage flying to someone’ face.

2. Taking out luggage before the aeroplane stops

This is a clear case of someone not understanding English. There was once, when the plane touched down, several well dressed but obviously stupid people stood up and started to take their luggage out.

The stewardess had to shout several times to the people to sit down but nothing moved them. If not for the closed doors, they probably would have jumped off the plane. The fact that they stayed standing for a longer time before the door was opened and some passengers telling them “You think this is a bus ah?” did not affect them at all.

3. Unstrapped small kids

Having several kids’ playing “catching” in the plane is not the best way to get some rest but having them to be standing on their seat when the plane is about to land is totally new ball game. This happened recently during my flight from Kabul to Dubai – 2 kids were standing when the plane was about to land.

The stewardess did nothing but that I understand – it is not safe for them to unbuckle their seat belt and start walking towards the kids whilst the plane is landing. But the kids’ mom did nothing either – she continued to read her magazine obviously to the danger that her kids are in at that time. It must be one of the village idiots travelling on the plane for the first time.

4. Kicking the seat

Just when I decide to shut my eyes and go to sleep, there was a hard kicking on my seat from the back. Dismissing it as an accidental touch of the leg, I decided to shut my eyes but the kicking started again. I looked at the back and noticed a black guy listening to music and kicking my seat in the process. He stopped after I made a stern statement “Stop kicking my seat or else…”

5. Lowering the seat during meal times

I don’t know why but some idiots like to have their meal whilst lazing back on their seat. Lazing back means lowering their seat and this means my meal tray is being squashed at the back. It has happened to me several times but thankfully it only takes a slight tap on the shoulder for the front guy to bring up his seat again.

6. Seating at the wrong seat

This is rare but it happens. On my first international flight, the plane was on transit from Jakarta. So, when I got up into the plane in KLIA, I saw a burly Middle East man was sitting on my seat. I checked and double-checked my seat number and it was obvious that someone else was sitting on my seat.

I showed the guy my ticket and he did not move. Rather he looked back at me as if I have violated his space. This guy was very arrogant indeed. Thankfully, the stewardess came in time to my rescue and stern but sweet request sent the Middle East man packing back to the original seat. Perhaps the man did not want any trouble with our local cops.

7. Sleeping neighbour

Thankfully this has not happened to me but I have seen it happening to others. Someone sleeping and keeping fall on the neighbour’s shoulder. It is tough to keep awake in a 7 hours flight and sleeping (although not comfortable in an economy class) is one good way to pass time.

But if you are on the receiving end, having someone to be sleeping on your shoulder (unless it is that beautiful girl that you have been dreaming about) is certainly torture.

8. “Undressing”

Before your imagination goes wild on this, I am just talking about those who take off their stinking socks during the flight. No further comments on this.

Anymore to make it as a Top 10 list?

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4 thoughts on “Travelling 101: 8 Things You Hate To See In A Flight”

  1. i think this post can also be titled “Annoying flight passengers”. anyway, here’s something to add to your list.

    1. snoring in your face

    2. puking (vomiting) … buuuekkkkk!!!!! Worse still if the puke spreads to you.

    3. making way for neighbouring passenger to go to the loo four times in an hour, especially when you are trying to take a nap (economy class lah)

    4. scolding the flight attendants like they owe him/her their lives. “hey, where’s my extra pillow? it’s already been 35 seconds since i asked for it. what kind of service you ppl provide, blah, blah, blah.

    5. neighbour spills food/drink on your favourite baju/pants

    6. keep asking for one drink after another till pissed drunk

    7. looking over your shoulder to see what you are reading

    8. leaving the food tray open ages after the meal has been served and cutleries collected/cleared

    9. trying to do paper work, sifting through notes, files and keep knocking elbow into you

    10. singing (actually croaking) while listening to songs

    wow! i made it to 10.

  2. passegers who can’t wait to switch on their HP as soon as the plane landed.As if they such important person that the world will end if they are out of touch for 2 more minuts.

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