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Who’s Money Mazlan?

(No matter what was said about our “angkasawan”, at the end of the day, it is still an expensive, all paid holiday, the way most of us see it. Poster source: Mob’s Crib)

Sometimes I think that some people in the Government have really short memories and more often, have the wrong priorities.

(Read this “quotable quotes” from NST’s interview with Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman:-

It depends on how much money is put into it. If we spend money like China, then we can build rockets and go to space very fast. India will also be sending a man to space soon

Wo wo, hold your horses Dr Mazlan!

Did you say “if we spend money like China”? First of all, you need to realise that not all of us, the hard-working Malaysians are happy about the expensive space trip in the first place. Secondly, we think we could have paid far far less for the fighter-jets if we had only excluded this “space project” from the shopping list. But as usual, the politicians steam-rolled this project into operation despite objections from the public – they always think that it is “their” money to be wasted for start.

Already the politicians have started talking of sending Malaysian space tourist “angkasawan” to the moon (and another truckload of “supporters” for moral support). For me, if we had the resources, why not? Inspiring the young in the space exploration is a noble mission. After all, we may be spending most of our future there (reminding me of movies like Star Wars and Star Trek).

But before anyone look at the moon and the stars, take a good look at the state of the country first. It can sure need some extra cash for improvement of security, education and living conditions. We don’t even have the right equipments to do a proper forensics and had to ask FBI’s help. Sure we can say that we are spending for the future but isn’t the present more important than the future? Set a good present now and future will take care of itself.

So Dr Mazlan, before you or other politicians start talking about spending money for the space projects, ask first whether it is worth it – when there is more important activities that can use that money. Further with truckload of Malaysian scientists, “nothing to do” politicians and cheap publicity seeking leeches spending time and resources in Russia, I really wonder what the final bill on this Space Project? And how much of it is from tax payers’ money? Add the entire PR stunt that has been going for the past few months and ‘congratulatory” wishes in the newspapers and other medias, it may make more sense to “sweep” the actual cost under the carpet.

We can spend like how the Chinese is spending for the space program but it must be at the right time and place. It’s better to keep our own financials in good shape before we can start to look at the sky. Spend the money where the public will benefit the most and only after that we can start to look into other areas.

We can start with our space program by making sure that our young people get the right education first – not the doctored & closed thinking one but rather an open mind one.

Start with that first….

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1 thought on “Who’s Money Mazlan?”

  1. I totaly agree with you! All tax payers money is being used for the useless space trip. See my blog. I have written one post about it too. It could have been used to revamp the useless education system in the country!

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