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No holding water talk


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You know what, I try not to blog about our politicians….I really do.

Between my hectic work and a fun personal life, the last thing I want to do is to spend precious hours (ok minutes) on talking about the low life called politicians. But when I look at the bigger picture, I ask myself whether is this the kind of Malaysia I want leave to my son? Some of us who are not married, I am sure we know of some children who is looking forward for a great life in this country. And the main culprits are raping this country are non other the so-called “Yang Berhormats”.

Think about – who fan racial sentiments? Who gives the green light for money wasting projects? Who say that they will fight corruption but end up doing the corruption themselves? Who makes policies that could unite and enrich Malaysians but don’t care less to do one?

Nobody gives a damn until the next election of course, right?

So, when I heard the “foot in the mouth” minister talking about the ACA, it just confirm my fears. The bugger said “THE Anti-Corruption Agency’s freedom to prosecute is still assured although the agency had undergone numerous changes since its inception 40 years ago”. Do you seriously believe this joker? We have yet to see the big fish netted by the ACA and here we have the joker talking about how ACA is so independent lah, so good lah, so blah blah blah.

Come on, after the “we have Witness Protection Act” boo-boo, I really wonder who will believe this guy and seriously do you think the ACA is doing a good job?

Let’s for a second (and probably under heavy sedative), we believe Nazri’s words as the gospel truth. See what is ACA doing now? Come on, you can do it….yes, ACA is busy running around “investigating the authenticity of a video recording of a telephone conversation between a lawyer and someone who was said to be a judge concerning the appointment of judges”. Who is the ACA to do that? And they seem to be dragging their feet on this well. I tell you why.

If we can get the FBI to check on the CCTV recordings on the Nurin’s case, how long will it take for ACA to send the video to experts and get it over with? Since things are so serious, start by catching the lawyer in question and get him to start talking. But instead, the ACA is going after the whistle blowers who “thanks to our brother Nazri”, are well aware that there is no bloody thing to protect their backside if they decide to tell the truth.

Still the lawyer is question is no where to be seen, the whistle blowers remained hidden but the people who exposed it have been threatened with jail sentences, the video is yet to be authenticated, the panel remains toothless and, and….sigh, life goes on for everyone else.

So much so for powerful, efficient and independent ACA….coming from Nazri’s mouth’s makes it even stinks more than ever – as we all know, how “good” is his words are.

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3 thoughts on “No holding water talk”

  1. oh well, they can pour out millions of ringgit for a space debacle, but they dont have the equipment to enhance a simple video clip and had to send it to the FBI for help…….
    banyak cantik Datok-Datok sekalian!!!

  2. Kavi – I am wondering how expert is the “experts” in the ACA

    Bongkersz – Now they have an excuse, no witness, not sure the tape is original or not, case close

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