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Chua & Samy – like Water & Oil?


What a big contrast!

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is certainly the big newsmaker for the year 2008 with an explosive revelation of a sex scandal and subsequently the resignation from the government and party. We are in no position to judge the man on what he did in his personal life but being who he is, certainly some element of coming out “clean” played in the majority’s mind when they called him to step down.

He had “balls” to face the country and proclaim that he was the “one” in the video.

A very rare admission on Malaysian political arena because we had expected him to be in a strong denial state and divert the attention to something else. But none that happened – he stood up and said he is the “one” and when things were not going his way, he resigned gracefully.

For that at least, we need to respect him.

Next we have the aging MIC fellow, still clinging on his post, totally lost in a state of denial. Samy Vellu said that MIC will be “reorganised” to make it more effective and efficient in meeting the needs and demands of the Indian community. He said that although the methods adopted by the MIC have been “successful” in resolving the community’s woes, a more concerted effort was needed for the “more difficult and sensitive problems.” He said the 62-year-old party would undergo a “cleaning exercise” to make it more relevant to the Indians.

Couple of questions for MIC…let’s take easy ones:-

What were the weaknesses that prompted this reorganization?

Was it due to Hindraf’s rally?

How MIC will measure the effectiveness and the efficiency of this new move?

If the earlier methods were “successful”, what was the shortcoming?

How “concert” the concerted move now going to be?

What are “items” going to be included for the “cleaning” exercise?

If non-productive party members are going to be dropped from key positions, will it start from the aging President?

You see, this is the point…if the President is still clinging to the position and keep changing the subordinates and yet, the party seems to be ineffective in its work, who will you blame – the party or the President? And in the case of MIC, it looks like that President command a huge power over the rest when it comes to decision and mission making. Of course, the President can always say that he is not the one-man show in the party but is he? When was the last time, you really had someone disputing or challenging the President on the policies or decisions?

Ok fine, perhaps the party members love the President so much that they pleaded him to remain in power. Maybe but as a President, if something is not working well with the party, don’t you think it is time for you to step down and let someone else take up the fight? UMNO and MCA have done that a long time ago – when MIC will do the same?

Does the President have the “balls” to make that hard decision? Humor us

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1 thought on “Chua & Samy – like Water & Oil?”

  1. Dr.Chua proved he’s got “balls” in more than one occasion. Now that his prowess is well known, I bet ladies all over will want a piece of him and that’s gonna keep Dr.Chua very very busy. Last word from our legendary healthman, “practice safe sex and wear a mask”. Samy on the other hand has accomplish nothing that’s worthy to talk about.

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