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February 2008


Good circus show though… 

First, they look ignorant on the Indians plights, giving rise to Hindraf and things get too heated, they say that they are the only hope for Indians in Malaysia but looking at the “reception” that they been getting, they embarked into a “long but laughable” advertisements in the mainstream media (where else) on the “achievements” that they have done for the Indians but at the end of day, when it looks like all hope is lost, they resort to threats.… [Click to read the rest] “MIC oh MIC”

Special Occasion


(One of the “achievements” todate – landing in Kabul amidst Talibans & Nato forces) 

Celebrated on a yearly basis but this year, there is a slight significant for I think I have reached the mid point of my life (ya, I have set a vision on when my “expiry” date will be and if can last longer than that, it is a bonus).… [Click to read the rest] “Special Occasion”

Work with Me…Again Lah

(Freedom of religion – wasn’t this part of the old manifesto) 

Work with me once again, hmmm? Correct correct correct – so here we go again, another candy-coated “manifesto” launched by the Barang Naik BN supremo, Pak Lah

Sorry Pak Lah but I did found couple of jokes down there but the seemly classic ones are:-

Bring down the country’s crime index (Ya, now this is a surprise?

[Click to read the rest] “Work with Me…Again Lah”
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