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Project: Charity

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This is something that my wife and I been thinking about for sometime now but only last week, we saw the “light at the end of the tunnel” (One of the many projects in the pipeline)

My cousin and I are “regular” blood donors by now – we try to stick to our 3 months interval as closely as possible. I was a “lone ranger” when it comes to donating blood in my family but I managed to rope in my cousin last year. My cousin wanted to contribute back something after he got an unexpected promotion at his workplace, so donating blood seemed like a good idea.

So every 3 months or so, we will meet up and drive to donate 450 ml of our blood. Sometimes our wives and kids will join us in our trip – it is kind of inspiring when you are donating and your kid is standing beside you and asks “Are you ok, daddy?” or giving us the “you are good” sign.

The thing is about donating blood is that we feel fulfilled and refresh after the donation – we also have a good sleep during the night. Well, last week we had another inspiration – why don’t we tie up the blood donation day with a trip to charity homes?

My cousin (from his work with charity homes) knows some homes that we can go to for donations of foodstuff, clothes and other materials. We just needed to organise it well – get more people for blood donation, get shopping all done and coordinate the drive to these homes and spend quality time there.

There is 3 months to go to get organised. For start, my wife and my cousin’s wife have been roped into this “project” – which means our kids are also in. Next is getting my brother and sisters and friends in as well. But I guess we need to start with those who are brave enough to face the large needle during blood donation.

More updates soon

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2 thoughts on “Project: Charity”

  1. haven’t been here for a long time since I read u on google reader – but this was something I have to comment on – props for the blood donation thing – on the charity homes – u know I’m involved closely with one and since you’re looking at organizing with ur family do keep them in mind

    email me if you need assistance or anything in this matter

    I myself am toying with doing a bloggers charity outing but its still in munching period

  2. Yes, visi…thankfully my cousin is a “veteran” in this affairs as he been doing the charity events for his company for past few years now. Thanks for the info – will keep in mind.

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