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Blogging 101: YouTube and Funny Political Blogging

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The power of the internet may be discounted in some political landscape and certainly by some BN politicians but access to the Internet is one good way to wake up to the spins running in the mainstream media, playing up the Government actions and downplaying values of Opposition parties. Image source: Medium

And speaking about the Internet, one key item to look out for, other than websites and blogs is video hosting sites like YouTube and Google Video. And what a journey it has been for these sites in the context of Malaysia!

Some of the best ones have been the Lingam video, Samy Vellu being roughened up by Indians (top in my list), Hindraf rally, Bersih rally, temple demolishment, Opposition election videos and many more.

So, for those who been accessing these video hosting sites, there no words to be interpreted as they can see and hear “real-time”. So, if the mainstream media reported otherwise, then everyone knows how un-bias some reporting has really been.

YouTube player

But the internet has been and will always have a disadvantage over mainstream media in the sense that it can only be accessed by a few. Many more are simply unaware of the existence of “juicy” videos. You can post the videos on your blogs but without internet access, who is going to watch them. They will remain ignorant and likely to agree to the spins in the mainstream media.

But no worry, those with internet can help.

I have downloaded many videos from YouTube and watch them with my family and friends and they get a big shock of certain videos which they never knew existed. But then how one can download videos from YouTube? There is no “download” button anywhere on the website – so how? It is easy to download – simple but you need to use the Firefox browser first.

Then you need to add a Firefox extension called downloadhelper. Once added, then go to YouTube and click on the video that you want to watch. You then noticed the downloadhelper icon starts to animate. Click on this icon and you will be asked the save the video as a “*.flv” video.

This is the file that plays the video but how to play an flv file? Forget Microsoft Media Player, you need an flv player. Google “free flv player” and you should get that suits you – I use Applian’s flvplayer, easy and quick to use.

Now you have the videos and a player to play – show to those without internet access and impress them. They can learn a thing or two about Malaysian Politicians too.

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: YouTube and Funny Political Blogging”

  1. just to share… another online video downloader is available to. I use it coz u r able to use a download manager (DAP or FlashGet) to download alrger files.

    just enter the video’s url, and it will generate a link for u to use in ur download manager. It supports a wide array of video site, not only google video and youtube.

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