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“House” Burger Stall

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(Enough of the circus shows for today; let’s talk on something else, shall we?)

After a year or so, we finally have a Ramly burger stall in the neighbourhood. It is a welcome sight for those of us who need to content with cheap burger as our dinner (other than the infamous “Maggi Mee”).

I still remember during my college years when after a hard day of work and then rush to night classes thereafter, buying a burger from the burger stall near Bus Stand Klang was heaven sent – it is the only “affordable” food I will have before going to sleep.

I have come a long way since then but waiting at the burger stall is something we all can cherish and the burger is far more tasteful than the burgers sold at the fast food restaurants.

Then again, the burger stall at the neighbourhood have come a long way too – for it is “manned” by a family man. Immediately, notable differences can be seen between this stall and the usual stalls.


The family man stall does not have radio belting out Malay rock songs or has mopeds as the main vehicle. A flashy car is the in-thing now.


The family man stall chef is not in his tight jeans and rocker T-shirts but rather with smart long pants and with“polo” T-shirt


The family man stall assistant is not the chef’s rocker buddy but rather is the chef’s wife and children


The surrounding of the family man stall is spotless clean and does not have “cat size” rats running around.


But still…the family man burger stall burgers do not come close to the superb taste of the rocker stall burgers. I miss this one.

I am hungry now…

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