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Screwed Young Voters

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Just another day to go…

You probably would have heard about it by now – that how the young voters are not keen in voting because of the sorry excuse that the BN will win the election anyway. Whilst some may find it amusing, it is nothing but the voices of the self-centred, lazy, uncaring and cowardly people. But then again for these youngsters, there is far more important things to do than voting, such as dating, playing games and having fun.

Why waste time voting they may lament.

But the thing is when these youngster are in their 30’s with a family to care, rising prices and mortgage to pay, only then they will realise how messed up things has been,

By then, the wasteful, corrupt and arrogant would have plundered the nation ever more. So, with 5 million or so eligible voters opting out from voting with such sorry excuses that BN will win anyway, it does nothing but giving the wasteful, corrupt and arrogant the courage to be even bold in their “evil” ways. After all, the election is all about the devil isn’t it?

It is true that BN been trying hard to ensure their firm hold on the government seats even before the election fever started – they extended the EC Chairman’s tenure despite huge protests and recently the RM2.4 million wasted ink issue became another obvious step. As a buddy of mine said that the BN will win – it is just a matter of much money that they are willing to spend to ensure it. Expensive advertisements are just a tip of the iceberg.

But the thing is when the going get tough, the tough get going.

Even if BN is sure to win, if the youngsters put in enough votes, then at least we can assure that the win for BN will not be an easy one. Well, we may even get some extra seats in the Parliament for the oppositions for better check & balance. Parliament may not end up as zoo after all. And BN despite its money and power was unable to hold the state of Kelantan and Terengganu once.

So, never say die before the time comes.

And a final word on the young bloggers who posted that they will not vote because they know BN is going to win; I have this to say to them. The next time, you write up a post on the injustice and unfairness done by the government, I wish someone will be there to say that you deserve to be screwed left, right and centre.

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