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Voted and Kicked Out

What a week it has been!

The day started with re-watching of PKR’s Raja Petra talk in Brickfields in my laptop whilst my dad & mom were having their breakfast. We planned to leave the house at about 9 in the morning, vote and come back to relax. My parents’ voting day went well – it did not go so for me.

There are about 3 schools in the area that I am voting and for the past 2 elections, I have been going to the same school for voting. I guess it must be so for this election. But when I handed my MyKad, the lady checking the identification told me that I came to the wrong school and pointed me to go to another school, thankfully within walking distance.

So, I went to the other school but when I reached there, I was redirected back to the earlier school. I was angry with the first lady who pointed me to the wrong school and wanted to confront her. But then, the crowd was getting bigger, so I decided against giving her a piece of my mind.

I got my number and went for voting without any further problem. I double checked on the voting slip and made sure that my cross was properly marked for the opposition party candidate. With my obligation done for the day, I walked back feeling proud to contribute one vote to the opposition.

But something caught my eyes – a lady wearing BN cap was inside the voting area talking to the people who were walking in and that too was done in front of the police and the EC staff. No action was taken on this although this is a clear violation of the EC rules. So did many people who gave her the “angry” look as they were walking in (thankfully in the end of the day, DAP won this seat).

The traffic was heavy but we managed to come back early – feeling satisfied and eager to see the outcome of the election, which was not a big surprise for those been familiar with what’s been happening in this country. Malaysians finally able to bring down the expired politician – Samy Vellu and in the process, showed the exit to Shahrizat, “anti-blogger” Zainuddin and gave 4 more states to the opposition to set things right. Get this done well and swell, the opposition should not have any problem taking over the Federal Government

By the way, the one closed eye Jasin fellow not in the running and the Jerai fellow beaten by PKR candidate, the Kinabatangan & Sri Gading fellows must be feeling lonely without their fellow clowns in Parliament up against the real MPs from the oppositions.

Thank you, Malaysians!

1 thought on “Voted and Kicked Out”

  1. Good riddance to Toll Velu! It’s about time people woke up and got his ass out the door. He was useless to begin with and has done nothing but line his pockets with money. Even his old crony, Mahathir gave him up recently. Samy is a big disgrace especially to the Indian community.

    This is exciting news and it’s wonderful to see a change in Malaysia orchestrated by the people of Malaysia! Awak boleh, saya boleh, kita boleh lah!!

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