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3 Things That MIC Really Needs To Do


Just to be fair…

I chatted with a friend last night and we talked about my post on Manya Blogger Award. He asked whether there have been proposals for MIC to rectify their mistakes. Although I am not in favour of racial based political party (Pakatan Rakyat makes more sense), it is only fair to tell someone of their mistakes and ways to rectify before we can “whack” them. MIC Logo source: Wikipedia

So, last night, I have been thinking…about MIC (aarrgghhhh!).

MIC and its leader came to a “full stop” in the last general election. The party almost got wiped out – something that interestingly we Indians were only happy to hear. I even had an uncle who threw a big party to celebrate “someone’s” defeat in Sungai Siput. Hindraf supporters on the other hand were seen to be relieved to get their prayers answered – Indians have woken up and started to put things rights with their votes.

So, here we have race based political parties taking severe beatings from common Malaysians and was left in delusion as to what had happened. It was almost comical to find defeated politicians going around the country crying foul and wondering what had happened. Perhaps they did not read my post titled “Why BN Lost” – that would have saved them time and public funds (organising seminars and forums to find the fault).

What can MIC can do to salvage the trust and confidence? Here are 3 simple suggestions:-

1. Investigate the Maika Scandal

Find out what REALLY happened and be prepared to go after those who were at fault and made huge “profits” from this short change.

Can something be salvaged for the cheated shareholders? The shareholders, many who paid for the shares with their hard earned money and life savings, deserves an answer. What happened to the Telekom shares and where the money has gone to?

From Hindraf’s site:-

Imagine how much Maika would have made from these shares for which it only paid RM5 per share. When Telekom shares were “first traded it fetched a price of RM6.15 per share and that too during a bearish market.

By mid-1992 the Telecoms share price was hovering around RM11-RM13,” observed Terence Gomez. According to Ram, in an article in the Aliran Monthly – 1993:13(10) – by giving away the bulk of the shares, Samy Vellu had taken away from Maika RM120 million in profit (which it would have attained had it just held on to the extra shares until then).

Certainly many versions of what happened been thrown to the public but other than the party president’s version, what else has been the official version? If money has been siphoned out and can be traced back, get the money and return it back to the shareholders. The party cannot keep silence forever on what really happened.

We all have heard about the “thillu mullu” (hanky panky) in this scandal – so start with this to clean up the house.

(Image source:

2. Change of leaders

Nothing leads to a faster change than a drastic change at the very top. Just like a striving business where the CEO is visionary, dedicated to the shareholders and is making the right changes, the change of a political leader works the same way. And MIC has been notorious for it’s stagnancy at the top. – the “CEO” who been running the show for the last 29 years with no real achievements is interestingly still at the driver’s seat.

Samy Vellu have been “up there” for sometime now and when he announced that the party is getting fresh faces in (an announcement that been made for far too many times), one will be thinking that he was talking about the “oldies” getting out and getting the “young one” in – UMNO has done it with Dr M and MCA did it with Lim Leong Sik.

It was time for real change. It was time for a new management. But happens in the end? The president is still clinging on the post with more promises of “change”, “new faces”, “new approach” and more. Yes, some oldies were discarded in the process.

As one had said before, it is still an old content with a new package – nothing has really changed at the core.

3. Stop the re-branding bullshit

Fresh from the humiliating defeat in the last general election, and instead of going back to the basics, what does the party leaders do? Like trying to repackage a beaten up car, the party goes on a massive rebranding effort (so obvious that these guys are clueless on what is happening):-

MIC will also carry the new tagline, “A New Generation Party,” while maintaining its “MIC Cares” theme, with a new party logo, new song, and new uniforms for the women and youth wings.

A call centre will be established to entertain problems, and a new portal to replace the party’s current website will also be launched.

An MIC discount card will also be given to members for use at selected outlets. “We are expecting total penetration of this image change within a two-year period. “A detailed action plan will also be communicated to all grassroots leaders via some 140 meetings to be held in all branches from district to district,” he said, adding that the complete exercise would cost some RM500,000.

If you have extra money to be wasted on the so-called rebranding exercise, you go ahead and waste them but at the end of the day, ask yourself whether you have create a value from the rebranding exercise.

Certainly the questions were raised on the logic of changing the package when the content is the same.

You want to rebrand the party? There is a simpler way to do that – throw out the race based ruling and become a multi cultured, multi race party. Merge with other if need to do. Drop the “I” from the “MIC”. At the end of the day, represent Malaysians as a whole and fight on what is right.

Simple 3 things…can change ah?

Last words

Someone jokingly said that MIC means “Must Include Chairs” but in reality it means “Must Include Creditability”. Without creditability, MIC can forget of trying to be still relevant.

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6 thoughts on “3 Things That MIC Really Needs To Do”

  1. Hello bro,

    Was directed to your blog from KaV’s. Anyway regarding this post, I wrote in a similar fashion as well some time back:

    The thing with MIC is that they are trying too hard to erase their election defeat by patching up with those who opposed them before the election; bloggers, Hindraf, etc. So while they are focusing on that, they have completely forgotten to address the real problems. MIC thinks that bloggers and Hindraf are their competitors, but what they don’t realise is that we are all fighting for the same thing, the betterment of the community.

    Regarding the MAIKA shares, I received a PDF explaining what happened to them. And no I didn’t write it, am just merely hosting it on my site. Here is the link:

    Regards bro.

  2. Come to a full stop ? 🙂

    Logically speaking… Not as a MIC member , but a spectator of Malaysian Political Scenario… Let me just pull some points from RPK’s write up.


    Today, many have written Umno off as well. They feel that Umno is in its death throes and come the next election in 2012/2013 the party will be buried for good. That is exactly what these same people said about PKR soon after the 2004 general election. But PKR did not die. It in fact bounced back stronger than before. What makes them think, therefore, that Umno is on its deathbed?

    Of course, UMNO is not MIC and MIC is not PKR . But a party of 60 years coming to a full stop because they lost 6 MPs is not logical at all. Im sure Datuk Sri Samy Vellu and co at the top knows the 3 reasons Mr.Bala gave more then anyone else. I’m sure they are making their moves now.

    Elections are just games, this game never ends. It will be played till end of time. Winners dont always win and losers dont always lose.

    To Satyr, Well im always amazed with his Conspiracy theories. I wonder where is Diana and Dodi is hiding.Maybe with Elvis and Tupac in Roswell. Must ask sactyr.

  3. Sactyr
    Yes, I have read the post and a similar pdf earlier (MIC – the hidden history has been in circulation like a wild fire for sometime now) . It’s funny to see how MIC was opposing Hindraf pre-election times. It seem like they had no choice but to oppose all because the Government was uneasy with Hindraf’s demands.

    The thing about Hindraf is they only started to get more active when the temples were being demolished (in suspicious ways) and their lawyers got arrested and the Government turned a deaf ear to simple but logical requests. MIC should have taken up Hindraf’s role but unfortunately they didn’t. Instead they opposed it.

    True which is why the statement – full stop – is in inverted commas. In politics, winning and losing is almost routine. True, no one can dismiss anyone from politics. A foe today will be your best friend tomorrow. As you mentioned, probably Samy & Co is making the necessary moves to make the party relevant again (certainly they started with a wrong footing with their rebranding thing).

    As for Maika “conspiracy” – one must admit that there has been more questions than answers and it is something that cannot be dismissed off so easily. Many lost their money – not because the company had incurred operational loss but rather because the company has been badly mismanaged. Too much political interference is just too obvious.

    If it is just a conspiracy, then MIC should counter-claim with evidences. Till now, we have the words of the leaders and nothing more.

  4. Aiseh, I didnt say MAIKA was a “conspiracy” . I was just pointing to Sactyr where he loves conspiracy theories and stuff.

    Maika is a black spot in history of MIC. Hopefully people in 6th floor of MIC HQ will clear all the mess before they leave the party. Then only we( the MIC members ) can take it to another 50 years. I agree with you about the “too much political interference” part . They should given business to businessmen. Not politicians.

    Oh, the re-branding thingy that most of u have seen is just the start. The uniforms , logo etc. I read the whole book and they got 100s of other plans too. Hopefully everything will fall in its place.

  5. Novin,

    “To Satyr, Well im always amazed with his Conspiracy theories. I wonder where is Diana and Dodi is hiding.Maybe with Elvis and Tupac in Roswell. Must ask sactyr.”

    “Aiseh, I didnt say MAIKA was a “conspiracy” . I was just pointing to Sactyr where he loves conspiracy theories and stuff. ”

    I have no clue what you’re talking about. I assume you read my recent posts, if not you wouldn’t have an idea about me liking conspiracy theories. But if you really did, those posts were not about MIC. In fact it had nothing to do with politics. Sigh, and how did Diana and Dodi come to this post is beyond my imagination. We are talking about politics here and lets keep to that. None of these personal attacks please.

    Balajoe, I agree with you.

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