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Gaming 101: The Fight Against The Powerful Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Gaming Game Scary

The latest Diablo 3 is an action role-playing game that is developed by Blizzard and starting off with Diablo 1 that was released in 1997.  However, it was Diablo 2 that was released in 2000, became my personal favourite and which I played for hours till the end. Image source: Blizzard.

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Diablo 2

Before Diablo 3 came into the picture, Diablo 2 was the game that got me hooked to the action role-playing kind of games, usually playing at night on the weekends so that I can sleep very late.

The game has 5 main characters that one can play and I have played in all 5 characters starting with the Paladin for the first game. However, I got hooked to the Necromancer in particular because I can raise skeletons and golems which comes in handy whenever I am in a boss-fights.

The Necromancer is a versatile death-themed spell caster. Necromancers are the priests of the Cult of Rathma from the Eastern jungles. His Summoning skills allow him to raise skeletons, create golems, and resurrect dead monsters to fight alongside him.

The Necromancer possesses powerful poison spells, which rapidly drain life from afflicted monsters. He also has “Bone” skills, which directly damage enemies, while bypassing most resistances.

His Curses also afflict the enemy with debilitating status ailments, sowing confusion and chaos in their ranks. The Necromancer is voiced by Michael McConnohie.


Diablo 2 is reported to be one of the best games around and even after all these years and despite there are visually better games, this still gets me hooked.

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Diablo 3

Then, saliva started to drip when I saw what Blizzard had in store for the next version of the game.

In Diablo 3, they have now added 2 more characters making a total of 7 characters that one can play and if you count the gender, that is 14 characters in total. My favourite is still there:-

The Necromancer (Ioan Gruffudd or Eliza Jane Schneider) is a death-themed spellcaster, available as downloadable content for Reaper of Souls.

Described as a “reimagining” of the previous incarnation seen in Diablo II, the necromancer specializes in controlling the dead, be it by summoning minions, reviving dead enemies temporarily or using their corpses as a medium to their magical powers, while using blood magic to power their offensive and defensive abilities.

The resource used by the necromancer is essence, which is generated through attacking enemies with their primary skills. Compared to the other summoning class, while the Witch Doctor’s lighthearted “creepy crawlies” summons of spiders and snakes, the Necromancer has a “grim, visceral and dark” design around blood, bone and corpses.


It is still the good old “3rd person view” role-playing game similar to the earlier game but now with eye candy new characters (the witch doctor looks so cool), sound and environment (the crust of the improvements). The blood from the creatures looks more real too!

Final Say

Since Diablo 2, there has been tremendous development in role-playing games but to see my personal favourite getting a proper makeover in Diablo 3.

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