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Tech News 101: XP Desktop, Improved WordPress Theme

alize desktop theme wallpaper

For start, I revamped my desktop be like this when Alizee had me going weird this morning.

My Object Dock (no IT geek should be without this superb tool) now moved to the left and my taskbar with XP Orange Start button moved to the right. In the middle, a good pose of Alizee “smiling” at me.

And I updated this blog’s theme to “The Journalist 1.9” which gives more space for posts and pictures. Good thing that WordPress themes are getting “cleaner and more focus”. Keep up the good work, guys!

A small change in routine whilst we wait for Anwar…

3 thoughts on “Tech News 101: XP Desktop, Improved WordPress Theme”

  1. i was using Object Dock too for some time… u know la, the times wen we suddenly wanna have a gempak looking desktop…

    then as i went on to playing more and more games wic had more memory requirements, i just stripped my desktop bare and use the Windows Classic theme. And i run only a bare minimum of apps on startup.

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