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Project 101: Why We Need Beautiful Art?

art mona lisa

(When it comes to art, this is my target in my mind but if I could do almost similar, that is good enough. Image source:

There is a vacant wall in my living room that is begging to be covered with a large beautiful artwork or some colourful painting.

It makes sense too – the rest of the walls have something on – wood carvings from Africa, cheap paintings from hypermarkets, large mirror sold by some Banglas, my son’s fingerprints and other paintings. All except for this side of the wall, of course.

So, I ventured out to buy a large painting for this wall. I had modern paintings (you know the one that does not make any sense) in my mind. But the cheapest with a grand frame was priced at RM300.

There are cheaper ones but being large, the “fakeness” would be simply too glaring. I need something more authentic. I tried several places but nothing was within my budget.

So, I decided to draw my own painting and only pay for the frame – that should be cheaper and who knows, it could fetch some good money in the next few years. The only problem (as with my other non-work activities like blogging) is having the time to do one up.

My first “draft” painting is almost ready (that too is because I was excited with the new paint set); I just need to do some touch-ups before it can be sent for framing.

I am sure it will be a couple of tries before I do one for the wall – hmm, probably need to start another blog listing the paintings as well.

Things are simply too expensive these days.

2 thoughts on “Project 101: Why We Need Beautiful Art?”

  1. Start another blog for paintings list? Lawyers do have plenty of time these days! 😛

    If I have kids, I’ll have them draw anything on a the wall. On second, I dont think so. I dont want my home to look like kindergarten.

    Snap some pictures ok BJ.

  2. 😀 As my other blogs, if I start one for painting, it is likely to be stagnant after a couple of posts but it is an idea.

    Ya, to avoid my house start looking like a kindergarten, I make sure my son paints his ideas on a proper art paper (already had an occassion where he painted on the wall and it looked messy)

    Yes, pictures will be taken once I finish my paintings (I need materials in case my painting blog becomes true 😀 )

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