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Highway 101: Unstoppable Scumbags at Emergency Lane

emergency lane road safety offenders

There are 2 types of scumbags, idiots, and bastards when it comes to misuse of the emergency lane – one is the bastards who use the emergency lane and another, the idiots who allow them.

We had a long and tiring night last Saturday. We drove to KLIA to bid farewell to our beloved relatives who were leaving the country. We hoped to have a smooth journey back home, but the weather had other plans. As soon as we left the airport, it started pouring heavily.

It was like the sky was crying with us. The rain made the road slippery and dangerous. We saw many cars with their hazard lights on, crawling slowly in the dark. We guessed that there must have been an accident somewhere ahead. We felt frustrated and anxious as we moved inch by inch in the traffic jam.

As I was driving on the 3-lane highway, I suddenly saw the red brake lights flashing in front of me. I slowed down and realized that there was a massive traffic jam ahead. I cursed under my breath and checked the time. I was already late for my appointment and this was not helping. I looked around and saw that some drivers had the same idea as me – they decided to use the emergency lane to bypass the congestion. But these drivers were not like me. They were jerks.

They had no regard for the rules or the safety of others. They just wanted to get ahead of everyone else, no matter what. They came in all shapes and sizes – young women who thought they were entitled to everything, old men who acted like they owned the road, drivers in fancy cars who looked down on everyone else, and drivers in foreign vehicles who had no business being here. They zoomed past me, honking and flashing their lights, as if they were doing me a favor.

I felt a surge of anger and frustration. How could they be so selfish and rude? How could they get away with this? I wished there was a cop nearby who could catch them and give them a hefty fine. But there was none. There was only me and the other law-abiding drivers who had to suffer in silence.

At one point, even the emergency lane came to a standstill. Whenever these idiots found stalled cars on the emergency lane, they indiscriminately cut into the 3rd lane. They didn’t care about anyone else, they just wanted to get ahead. They caused more chaos and frustration for everyone. I wanted to scream at them, but I knew it was useless. They were too selfish and rude to listen.

Surprisingly some of the idiots on the 3rd lane conveniently gave way and inched onto 2nd lane. At certain places, there were almost 2 lanes within the 3rd lane. I was so pissed off that when one uncle on the emergency lane wanted to cut into my lane, I just sped up and block his entry. When he looked at me, I just shouted “FUCK YOU!”

After several minutes of “fighting off” the idiots in the emergency lane, we heard a siren. At first, we thought it was an ambulance but we then saw blue lights. Great! The police are here and all those bastards at the emergency lane were screwed. We shouted, “Catch them!” But guess what? The police car just made sure that the emergency lane got cleared but let the offenders “walk away” free.

I got pissed off even more but then I thought that may the police just wanted to reach the accident site first and worry about the offenders later. But that was not the case – the highway operators were already on the accident scene – a truck overturned. The 3 lane was reduced to only 1 lane.

Guess what the police were doing? They parked their cars and just watched the highway operators handling the traffic.


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