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January 2009

Past Presidential Inaugurations

Interesting old photos…

Note: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln stands under cover at the center of Capitol steps during his inauguration in Washington, D.C., on March 4, 1861. The scaffolding at upper right was used in construction of the Capitol dome. Image source: Denver Post

View more of the past presidential inaugurations photos here

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Perfect Home

(My idea of a cosy interior. Image source:

Picture this:-

You had a bad day at the office and just ended a long argument with one of the clients. There is tons of paperwork still on the desk. You slog back home through heavy traffic jam. Selfish road users who jump queue and road hog did not help much to reduce the stress.

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Alternate View 2

(It is simply a question of justice – did the police do the right things? Image source: The Nut Graph)

Kugan may just be one of the many Indians who unfortunately found themselves at the wrong end of the police – read the details here [compiled from 1998]

Reading through the list, some of reported deaths in the past look very familiar to the one surrounding Kugan:-

Francis Nathan (1999) – Police tell father that cause of death was HIV, but father reports bruising and lacerations on the body and face.

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Almost Haircut

(Image source:

We were back in Taiping for the holidays and true to my philosophy “Taiping is a rest area”, I did not venture out from the house for the last 3 days we were there.

It was perfect staying in my in-law’s house – there were good programs on Astro, a comfortable bedroom to take short naps (with no one to question), laptop for games & movies and of course, delicious home cooked food.… [Click to read the rest] “Almost Haircut”