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Personal Trip 101: On Long Pangkor Island Break Part 1


An offer for an all-paid trip to Pangkor Island was too good to turn down. After all, the last time I visited the Pangkor island; was more than 10 years ago. Image source: Wikipedia

There were about 55 of us signed up for the Pangkor trip, leaving from the office premise in 2 comfortable tour buses. As for me, it was a great opportunity to take the family for a well-deserving 3 day 2 nights break in Pangkor before the start of my overseas assignment.

The trip to Pangkor actually “started” the day before Friday when we decided to do some shopping (for titbits, drinks and other items) for the trip. As there was not much time left that night, we decided to drop by Jusco Supermarket for a quick shopping. It was a bad move as we were not aware of the Labour Day sale in Jusco.

There was a long queue and we had to wait for long time before we managed to get to the counter. The task to buy simple items turn out to a very tiring affair and this was not something that we wanted before we need to wake up early the next day.

We have been told to be at the designated departure “spot” at 9 am sharp, so we forced ourselves to wake up early, double checked our bags and spent a considerable time waking up our very sleepy son. Worrying that we may not reach the designated departure area on time, we rushed through our morning breakfast. Thankfully my son was excited enough to eat his breakfast fast.

We reached the office somehow early – hardly a soul waiting at the designated waiting area and the basement parking was so empty. Slowly the crowd started to gather and it was not long before everyone was present to make the move – everyone except for one lady who got stuck in traffic and needed another 10 – 15 minutes to reach us. Hmm, didn’t they already announce that everyone needs to be at the designated area at 9 am sharp? Meantime, we were getting comfortable on our seats in the fully air-conditioned tour bus but unable to contain our anticipations. We could not wait for the bus to start moving.

We did not have to wait long before everyone was accounted for and the buses started to move. We have started the trip to Pangkor.

To be continued…

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