Mat Rempit Menace


(War on the menace of civilised society – Image source:

Mat Rempit, the darlings of UMNO Youth are at it again.

From theSun:-

The police have declared war on mat rempits.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said police are carrying out a nationwide crackdown on illegal racers, and vowed to put a stop to all their activities, including crimes that they also commit. Musa told Sin Chew Daily he had directed all state police chiefs to take effective measures to remove this cancer of the society.

Hopefully unlike most politicians that we know, one can hope that the police will keep their words and teach the mat rempits a lesson that they will never, ever forget.

Mat rempit menace is indeed getting out of hand.

Just last week, someone who I know was mobbed and robbed by mat rempits whilst he and his wife were on their way to work. About 15 mat rempits against the couple was something they had not expected – the wife’s neck was cut when one mat rempit pulled her gold chain.

The  mat rempit bike plate numbers was blackened out and crime was done in the open. Thankfully nothing serious was encountered despite some serious bruises here and there and lost of valuables and important documents. When they went to make police report, they were encountered by another victim who been robbed by the same mat rempit group – brutal and merciless.

Apparently the stretch of road was famous with mat rempit menace for some time and it is interesting how the police had allowed the menace to continue. Hopefully with IGP’s latest direction, the local police will double their efforts to take out these mat rempits off the street.

Either that or since the police can’t be everywhere, all the time…provide some of us with some heavy 4 wheel drive vehicles to ram some these mat rempits down under the heavy tires when they high in “action”. For an added bonus – we will be more than happy to do this on a volunteer basis and ya, we will  even pay for the fuel and maintenance.

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0 thoughts on “Mat Rempit Menace

  1. “Either that or provide some of us with some heavy 4 wheel drive vehicles to ram some these mat rempits down under the heavy tires when they in “action”. We are willing to do this on a volunteer basis and we will even pay for the fuel and maintenance.”

    HAHAHAHA nice one!

  2. Another rebranding attempt by the GOV for the MAT REMPIT , this time is to
    rehabilitate them. I am really surprised by this kind of move where they are allowed to festered for so long spreading like cancer all over the country .
    Inspite of committing so many crimes and high on drugs where deaths was involved we ARE still thinking of using kid gloves to treat them.What a pampered lots!!!
    REMEMBER, THEY ARE RECALCITRANT HARD CORE CRIMINALS AND MUST BE TREATED AS SUCH UNDER THE LAW. GET YOUR PRIOTY RIGHT!! They have done alot of damage to the country economy and reputation . Under the constitutions every Malaysians has the basic right to enjoy public safety at least.

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