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Enforcement 101: MACC: The Death Of Teoh Beng Hock Tragedy

teoh beng hock MACC

(According to MACC, Teoh Beng Hock had jumped to his death but then if Teoh had jumped, why his pants are torn? Was it because someone was holding on to his pants before Teoh fell? Image source: Shar101)

It was already a tragedy that MACC is yet to become a corruption buster that all Malaysians can be proud of (despite the change of name from the old ACA) but the “toothless” ones are in the limelight again and it looks like they are in for the wrong reasons!

TheStar reported:-

An aide to a Selangor state executive councillor who was assisting the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) probe into allegations of misuse of allocations by several state assemblymen was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam here – nine floors below where the MACC office is located.

A janitor found the body of Teoh Beng Hock, 30, political secretary to Ean Yong Hian Wah, at about 1.30pm

Was it a suicide, accident or downright murder?

RPK then tells this interesting story on Malaysia Today:-

They threatened to kill him if he refuses to talk. With tears running down his cheeks he begged for mercy and pleaded with them not to harm him. They threatened to throw him off the top floor if he refuses to talk. Sobbing like a baby he went down on his knees and begged for his life.

They dragged him across the room and opened the window. Then something went terribly wrong. It was supposed to be just a threat. They just wanted to put fear in him. They did not really want to throw him off the top floor. They just wanted him to see what the ground floor looks like from the top floor.

The unfortunate young man panicked. He went ballistic when he saw the distance he would have to travel before hitting the ground floor. He struggled. They could not hold onto him. Gravity took over and the life of this young man was prematurely snuffed out.

The MACC then announced that they had released him the night before. They failed to announce that they had not released him from custody but released him from this world. Then they suddenly found his body the day after. He jumped. He committed suicide. He took his own life. He was never tortured. He was not dragged to the window with the threat that they would teach him how to fly.

Sounds out of the world?

Think again – the more the authorities say that it is suicide or accident or tries to deny any instances of foul play, the more questions are being raised. Read Ktemoc’s and Shar101’s write-up on this. The mystery is indeed getting deeper and highly questionable. And with Nazri and his moron-like statements in the air, the more convinced we are that some wrong had happened and the authorities are trying hard to cover up.

We do not know what really happened to the late Teoh. Did he lose control (after 10 hours locked up in questioning) and (although unlikely) decided to take his own life? Did MACC mess up their interrogations and made a huge blunder as claimed by RPK? Did Teoh was silenced by someone linked with the underworld mobs as some on the internet speculated?

Until the investigations are completed, we will never know.

Investigations have started and will the police get to the bottom of it? Unfortunately for the police, with a track record like Kugan’s death in custody and another obvious one-sided service, the police do not even have the locus to do a proper investigation. Before anything can be verified, the case has been quickly classified as “sudden death” and despite the assurances that there will be no cover-up; one is having a hard time believing it.

Remember the “there will be no cover-up” stance from the police investigating Kugan’s death? Kugan died in January 2009 and until today, despite calls from many quarters, those responsible for the death have yet to be booked.

Lastly, the question is why MACC is so keen to investigate the allegations against the opposition politicians in Selangor when those from the ruling party gets off free. What happened to the investigation of the ex-MB who has “pricy” real estate and is unable to provide a proper explanation? What happened to the investigation of the “irregularities” by the Balkis members before the last general election?

What happened to the fact that BN ADUN spent millions of their yearly allocation on questionable intentions within 2 months before the end of the general election? What happened to the 60 pages of documents, detailing a list of corruption acts that was submitted to MACC by PKR in January 2009?

The suspicious one even had the cheek to say this:-

PKR and DAP should stop fuelling suspicion and hatred towards the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), said Selangor opposition leader Dr Mohd Khir Toyo. (Source: Malaysiakini)

No surprise in the statement there since MACC has lately been on high gears to investigate the current Selangor assemblymen and this benefits the ex-MB and BN as a whole. But this does not mask the fact that we are facing an agency running loose in the country and the longer we don’t bring the guilty ones to the book, unfortunate deaths like Kugan and Teoh is just going ordinary news in this country.

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