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National Security 2009: Don’t Take Snatch Crime As Petty

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If Malaysian politicians are in the limelight on the issue of copyright of food, here is one that is seemed to be tied up with Malaysia – snatch thief (the other is Mat Rempit). The ugly side of this crime is making headlines once again. Cartoon by Kher Cheng Guan/TheStar

From theStar:-

“She was taken away cruelly by criminals who prey on innocent people,” Tan Chia Guan said at the funeral of his 17-year-old daughter Tan Shu Fang, a straight-As student, who died following a snatch theft.

Another innocent young life is taken away unnecessarily and is a dent in the Home Ministry’s KPI. This incident happened at the same time when a foreigner got shot when he went after a snatch thief.

One can only hope that the police will manage to track these scumbags and charged them with murder and given the maximum number of caning allowed under the law.

The politicians on the other hand, instead of wasting time politicking, should go back and submit revisions to the law so that any potential snatch thieves will think 3 – 5 times before daring to commit the crime. The punishments for all other crimes should be increased substantially.

Sometimes the law manages to catch hold of the culprits

A snatch thief, who caused the death of pregnant mother Jamilah Selamat in Ayer Hitam earlier this month, is likely to be charged with murder.

Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said police have recommended to the public prosecutor’s office that the main suspect be charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code, which carries the death penalty.

Sometimes the public manages to catch hold of the culprits

A snatch theft suspect was nearly beaten to death by an angry mob that set on him with sticks and plastic chairs along Jalan Tok Hakim here on Sunday night.

And sometimes God helps out in small ways

A snatch thief running away from his victim was killed in a hit- and-run accident along Jalan Seri Kembangan yesterday morning.

Losing materialistic items to snatch thieves is one thing, but to lose a life when one is still very young is another. Police presence obviously is something that is needed to be worked out – to deter potential snatch thieves and also to arrest one in action (if needed to shoot the snatch thieves in the head).

In the case of Tan Shu Fang, the good thing about the case is that the police have identified the culprits and should be arresting them soon. Hope that they will be charged with murder or similarly heavy punishment.

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3 thoughts on “National Security 2009: Don’t Take Snatch Crime As Petty”

  1. If Hudud were implemented, many would be without hands…
    That’s worse than even homemade firecracraker disaster.
    Well, the law shouldn’t be extreme, but it should be tight enough to scare idiots with long hands.
    Also one can consider to get a GPS locator to put in the handbag, wallet, purse or car should something like that happen. The only thing is the cost of GPS locator and the availability of it.

    1. Agree with you Prince…criminals have gotten so bold that even death of victims have not deterred them from continuing with their actions. It is high time that these criminals gets their hands chopped so that they don’t continue with their criminal acts.

      1. Most of them are foreigners working here with temporary working permits with too much freedom. The frequency of these incidents can be brought down, if the human resource ministry take action. Each and every foreigner hired should be scrutinized to the bone before they get their visas. Illegal immigrants should be given public caining.

        Then again, with the current Customs Offices having problems with records dissapearing in their database,refering to a specific case that happened not too long ago, it will look more like chicken and egg issue.

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