Let’s Focus on Election

(It is not the end of things for the former MB – the real test will come in form of voters’ votes in the next election. Are we ready for it? Image source: http://malaysiasms.wordpress.com)

TheStar reports:-

Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir is the valid Perak mentri besar, the Federal Court ruled unanimously.

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Childhood Memories: Part 18 – Wild Ride On Public Buses

bus childhood transport

(Toong Fong was one the bus that I took on a daily basis when I was still very young. I was not that old to take this model – lane: Chan Sow Lin Road but the Toong Fong logo on the side of the bus remained until it was absorbed into Intrakota.[Click to read the rest] “Childhood Memories: Part 18 – Wild Ride On Public Buses”

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