Money Hungry or…

I really don’t see how this recent clown show is going to help the Perakians in the long run.

(What an irony – the Singh standing to the DAP frog that caused the mess in Perak for many months and unnecessary legal suits and public protests during the good times, of course. Image source:

From theStar:-

DAP’s Perak state representative for Malim Nawar, Keshwinder Singh, announced Tuesday that he has quit his party to become a Barisan-friendly independent.

He also declared support for Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Kadir, saying that he was impressed with his leadership in the last 15 months after Barisan Nasional took over Perak from Pakatan Rakyat.

He also said he was leaving because he was “very disappointed” with the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat leadership and the “excessive politicking” that got in the way of him carrying out his duties.

“I found it very hard to work with the Pakatan Rakyat people to serve my constituents,” he said, adding that he could not get any allocation for his constituents.

Not happy with the leadership and have lack of funds has been the usual excuse for politicians to jump ship whilst trying to justify that the action was done in the best interest of the people. Such excuse is very lame and certainly we don’t buy it such bullshits any more.

There will always be some dissatisfaction with the leadership from time to time (just ask the MIC fellows who got kicked out by their President recently) but what is needed is more discussion and a determination to resolve all issues. There must be a need to go through the proper channels rather than painting ugly picture in the public media. A solution must be found in the best interest of Pakatan Rakyat and for the people who voted them into power.

So, if one is saying that he quit because he is not happy at those people at the top – then the question would be – has he addressed them in a better way before calling it a quit?

Having no money for the constituents is another excuse – ex PKR’s Tan Tee Beng used the same excuse, remember?

If Pakatan Rakyat was still helming the State Government, I am pretty sure this fellow would not have quit his party for there would have been fair allocation of funds from the PR led state. But when BN took over the State Government, one can only expect that it will be only a matter of time before the source of funds to the Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen to be squeezed to the maximum. After all, practising double standards when it comes to allocation of public funds under BN is nothing new.

I am pretty sure that the same situation that this fellow faced – i.e. no money to serve the constituents – is also faced by other Pakatan Rakyat politicians in all BN led states. But why then we don’t see massive resignation of the politicians from Pakatan Rakyat and ending up as BN friendly independent traitors politicians?

Perhaps they have better integrity and understanding of the constituents’ sentiments? Perhaps they are better at fund raising and creative allocation of whatever money that they have so that their constituents can be continued to be served proudly despite the lack of allocation from the state? Perhaps they are just biting the bullet and endeavouring the hardship so that they can give the best for the people?

Good service not necessarily means throwing millions of ringgit on the constituent. Where there is a clear lack of money, plenty of things can be done with good character, integrity and a good sense of creativity.

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