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Politics 101: Focus On Public Service Than At Courts

Pakatan Rakyat DAP Harapan Service Court

(DAP should not focus on the back-door method suit at the courts to fight the politicians who recently jumped but instead focus on better public service and persistent tackle of current issues. Image source: Keadilan Batu)

Here is why Perak DAP also proving to be not so intelligent as well – from theStar:-

The Perak DAP said Wednesday it intends to enforce a signed contract which requires its elected representatives to make an RM5mil compensation payment if they quit the party

Perak DAP chairman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said all DAP elected representatives in the state were required to sign such an agreement after the general election in March 2008.

“Yit Foong and Keshvinder signed an agreement with the party when they became candidates, that they will quit their posts (as assemblymen) if they join another party or leave the DAP and will pay a compensation of RM5mil to the party,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

I don’t know what you think about this but this latest action by the Perak DAP certainly leading to nowhere.

When Hee, the infamous “frog” decided to quit the party, it created nothing but major chaos in the Perak state administration for months. DAP certainly made a lot of “noise” about this but at the end of the day, there was nothing they could do. Hee became pro-BN “independent” and went under the radar in her constituency. At this point, there was no mention of this elusive contract or the penalty of RM5 million.

But when another DAP assemblyman decided to quit as well, all of a sudden DAP is busy with contracts and a penalty of RM5 million. Why now and not when Hee made the jump last year?

Can Perak DAP really enforce a contract that is made after the last general elections? Can these “frogs” argue the defence of duress? Plausible. Or perhaps the frogs were too happy with the unexpected win and were just too eager to reap the “benefits” that they blindly signed on the dotted line?

Going to the court with the so-agreements is not the right way for DAP’s image (more importantly image of Pakatan Rakyat). It is not going to stick – and it is only going to waste the court’s (and DAP’s) time and resources.

And if DAP somehow manages to get a judgement in its favour, that is not the end of the road yet – the frogs (backed by BN since they are pro-BN) will only appeal to a higher court. DAP is going to lose plenty of months walking in and out of the court, wasting money and time and in the end, may end up with empty hands.

But instead, here is what Perak DAP should do.

Forget about this agreement nonsense – it is a waste of time and resources. If they really want to enforce people from becoming frogs in future, nothing can be done unless they can get hold of the majority in the Parliament and come up with anti-hopping laws.

That is the better way to do things.

In the meantime, DAP should open up a service centre in Singh’s constituency and give the best service that the people there deserves to get. Show the people that the lack of money does not mean a lack of good service.

Show the people that no matter what is the situation may be facing Pakatan Rakyat in the state of Perak, they are still the Government elected by the people and will always be there to service them. Just because their controls on the State Government was denied in dubious ways, it does not mean they cannot service the people now and cannot work in the best interest of the people.

Do that level of service and Perakians will not have doubts as to who they need to pick when the next elections come around. Don’t waste time and resources and make a fool of yourself by trying to go after the politicians who jumped into the courts.

We all can do better than that.

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