Outstanding Summons

No wonder there are still selfish bastards on the road…

(We need more policemen on the road to catch and book road offenders. But what’s the point of giving the road offenders summons when at the end of the day, it is not enforced and the summons ends up nothing but waste papers? Image source: http://www.motortrader.com.my)

TheStar reports:-

Traffic offenders who were issued 16,529,848 summonses from 2000 to 2008 have not settled their summons worth RM2.7bil, Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri told Parliament Wednesday.

So, the question is – what the fuck the Government been doing all this while? Shake balls, ah?

The Government had been talking about cutting down subsidies due to lack of income for sometime now. One joker even asked us to change our lifestyles so that the Government can spend less on subsidies. If income is an issue, then why the Government did not force these traffic offenders to pay up? It is not that it is difficult to pay the summons – nowadays you can do it online. We have computerised all the data – it is even easier to track these bastards down.

Get the arrest warrants out, arrest them in the middle of the night with their pants down and put the stubborn road offenders behind bars and blacklist them for life! Continue to do that until you have collected the whole outstanding summons and the traffic offenders have learned a lesson that they will not forget. Do that and you get more disciplined drivers, less traffic jam and less stressful driving!

P.s. Mohamed Aziz, the idiot, suggested that the summonses be annulled – ya, right – doesn’t this idiot know that annulling the summons amounts to rewarding the traffic offenders. No thanks to short-sighted idiots like Sri Gading MP, it is no wonder that we still have queue jumper, road hoggers, traffic light beater and emergency lane abuser.

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