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Enforcement 101: Damn Mat Rempit, Finally Justice Served!

mat rempit enforcement menace

(War on the menace of civilised society, Mat Rempit is on-going but karma is not far off from them – Image source: Perak Today)

Well, running through videos at Youtube brings some extra cheers on a Monday morning. There is justice after all for the rest of motorist on the road.

YouTube player

And another although this one escaped serious injuries (but is likely to continue with the dangerous stunt):-

YouTube player

“Mat Rempit” also exist in the “more civilized part of the world” and crashes do happen – more of it in Youtube.

In the meantime, I will continue to pray for Mat Rempits to go down under a big lorry whilst pulling their dangerous stunts on the road – less “work” for the UMNO and less headache for the rest of us.

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