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Malaysia 101: Spreading The Good Name Of The Country Abroad

Rosmah Newspaper Ad Good Name

Just how Kohilan Pillay wants Malaysians to uphold the good name of the Government Leaders abroad? By taking expensive ads in the foreign newspapers for their non-elected wives? Image source:

Whilst we wait for the dust to settle down at PKR, listen to these “wise statements”. First from the Kamalanathan:-

The second issue i raised to the Ministry was with regards to a certain politicians who travel the world and discredit Malaysia. Not only they discredit Malaysia, but they also spread lies and damage the good name of Malaysia.

They go against the 2nd Principle of the country that was thought to all Malaysians since we were in school ‘KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA & NEGARA’ or ‘LOYALTY TO THE KING & NATION’.


Next from the Kohilan Pillay:-

The Foreign Ministry monitors Malaysians who go on tours or reside overseas to ensure that they safeguard the good name of the country and government leaders, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillay said attempts by irresponsible people to tarnish Malaysia’s good name and spread a wrong perception of it breached loyalty to the king and country.

“The ministry monitors the behavior and actions of not only people from the opposition parties but also tourists and those who reside abroad,” he said when winding up debate on the Supply Bill 2011 at the committee stage for the ministry.


This is the second time in a row that the level of loyalty of Malaysians has been called into question by those who walk along the corridors of power. One talks about the “Rukunegara” whilst the other talks about monitors the behaviour and actions of tourists and those who reside abroad.

Certainly, Anwar is not Aung San Suu Kyi but then again, we don’t have to stoop that low to be compared to that country called Myanmar (fill in any backward, 3rd world country). Our democratic standards are certainly higher than those dictator run, military junta countries like Myanmar.

And we all know why Anwar is making his case abroad. There are already doubts that Anwar will get a fair trial in Malaysia given how things are going in the courts lately and there is even a big question looming on whether Anwar will be free to organize Pakatan Rakyat’s election machinery in the next general election.

But is Anwar really condemning the country? Or is he talking about those who walked along the corridors of power?

The Government may have embarrassed or taken back by Anwar’s antics “down under” but I don’t see the validity of the points made by the 2  fellows – picking on the Rukunegara and imposing controls on what can be said abroad.

When it comes to loyalty to the country and the King, does it mean we need to keep our mouth shut when those in power abuse their powers, pass condemning laws and promote corruption?

It is in fact the other way around! If we really love the country, we need to speak up.

We need to get those in the fault moving and kicked out from the administration of the country. We need to make enough noise so that when they are at fault, sheer guilt will kill them. No, Kamalanathan, loyalty to a political party and political leaders is not the same as loyalty to the country and unfortunately, a lot of “people” in this country are confused with this two.

Then there is this genius who wants to monitor “behaviour and actions of tourists and those who reside abroad” – as to how he is planning to impose local standards abroad and on some foreigners is yet to be seen.

The same genius said that they are going to ensure Malaysians safeguard the good name of the country and government leaders. All this while, whenever I am abroad, I have always spoken highly of my country.

It is my home and I have always been prepared to go against anyone who has tarnished the good name of the country but I under NO obligation whatsoever to safeguard the good name of the government leaders.

We are not North Koreans and the government is not The Great Leader. Who are these people?

One thing for sure, they are not saints and they are not perfect (after all they are just politicians, some rotten to the core), otherwise, we would not find ourselves struggling to catch up with Singapore on progress and meeting the Vision 2020 deadline.

Screw them – if they want to safeguard their good name, let them do it by themselves by setting good examples and ideal actions. The above statement prompted this very valid response:-

You claim that ‘irresponsible people are tarnishing the good name of Malaysia’. We beg to differ. In our opinion, the only one tarnishing the good name of Malaysia is the Malaysian government itself.

The only traitors in this whole saga, are the politicians who have betrayed the citizens who elected them.

And this is why Malaysians abroad are standing in solidarity with their fellow citizens back home to demand good governance, justice, accountability and transparency.

Till then, please let Prime Minister Najib and his Cabinet know that you are all under watch.


At the end of the day, we do not want to end up as ball carriers for those who tarnish their own names and (just because they are in the Government) the name of the country. We love this country too much to see it be abused by those in power.

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