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Firefighter Adib Tragedy: The Verdict is Out


(Adib’s death – is this supposed to be the result of temple going, God fearing devotees? Why there was danger to fire fighters when the peace loving devotees suppose to help the fire fighters to do their job? Photo Source: NST)

It was a tragedy that should not have ever happened to a fire fighter

Who is in sound mind would have wanted to injured (in this case killed) a fire fighter rushing in to put a fire? Only a senseless evil person would have wanted to do that. Coroner’s Court on last Friday after 41 days of inquest proceeding concluded that the death of the fireman was due to “two or more persons unknown”

In a country where race and religion is the top two sensitive issues that is basically have been abused & misused by politicians for decades (temple issues in particular is very, very sensitive for the Indians in this country), the riot that happened at the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Devasthanam temple in Subang Jaya last year was not an exception. It started due to a dispute over the temple’s relocation and who is running the management of the temple.

As usual, in any temples, there will be 2 groups of people who wants to run the temple – one is the rightful committee and another who is not happy on how things are run:-

As for the 2001 lawsuit by Chellappa against Nagaraju and nine others, the High Court on July 25, 2014 declared that Nagaraju was not validly possessing and managing the temple since 2001.

The court also ordered that Nagaraju immediately hand over possession of the temple to Chellappa and the temple management committee elected in 2000/2002, and also issued a mandatory injunction on Nagaraju and all his agents or group to immediately hand over the temple to Chellappa upon receiving the court order.

The High Court had reportedly on September 28 asked those occupying the temple to vacate the land by October 15, but several temple devotees including Nagaraju went on a hunger strike.

One City Development had said that all parties should on November 22 comply with the court order to allow the company to take over the USJ 25 land where the existing temple is, and to allow the relocation of the temple to the new USJ 23 land measuring 0.4 hectares and with RM2.5 million already allocated for the new temple’s construction costs.


On the second night, when another riot broke out at temple with vehicles torched, a group of rioters allegedly pulls Adib out from the fire service vehicle and assaulted him, causing him to have multiple broken ribs that resulted in a punctured lung, bruises on his chest and abdomen. On 17th December, unfortunately Adib succumbs to his injuries and dies at IJN. It was nothing but a cold bloody murder.

Of course, there was an argument that Adib was hit by the fire fighting vehicles when they backed up due to the mob getting out of control – a point that a forensic expert even agreed during the inquest. This was the same claim voiced by the faction who protested the relocation of the temple.

But the point is it does NOT matter if Adib was beaten by a senseless mob who could not differentiate between a fire fighter and a trouble maker who allegedly appointed by the developer or it was an accident when the vehicles backed up.

The point is a situation was created by the mob that caused a sense of danger to the brave innocent fire fighters who were on site just to do their job. The leaders of the protestors at the end of the day must share the guilt of the actions of the mob that caused the death of Adib in the end.

Now it is a matter of finding the culprits and charging them for this inexcusable crime committed.

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