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National Security 2020: Why the Red Carpet to These Terrorists?


In a galaxy far, far away, these rebels including the beautiful Princess Leia would have been tagged as terrorists in the eyes of the Empire. I am sure many would protest. So what defines someone as a terrorist? Someone who been brainwashed with a twisted interpretation of religion and race and kills innocent people? Or is it someone who has taken up armed resistance to a rogue occupation or an evil dictator? Image source:

Back in 2015, a delusional teenager Shamima Begum who was just 19 years old left her country with her two school friends to join ISIS in Syria. For 4 years, she must have a ball of time killing innocent people and sleeping around, playing their role of ISIS bride (she admitted that her only role in the caliphate was to “make babies”). Then in 2019, after ISIS was defeated & the ISIS fighters were caught or killed, she “suddenly” had a change of mind and informed her family that she wanted to return home to the UK.

It was not because she regretted the killings and the motives of the militant group but rather she had a selfish personal reason. Apparently she was concerned for the safety of her unborn child, having already lost two children in her four years with the militant group. Despite her public (dumb) pleas, the UK government was not sympathetic, and later stripped the teenager of her British citizenship. Same for all other ISIS brides from the UK.

The Home Secretary was clear on the reasons why the Government stripped their citizenship:-

“Our job is to keep our country safe,” she told The Sun. “We don’t need people who have done harm and left our country to be part of a death cult and to perpetuate that ideology.

“We cannot have people who would do us harm allowed to enter our country – and that includes this woman.”

Australia also has refused the pleas of women and children trapped in Syria to be rescued and brought home, dismissing them as “hardcore” Islamic State supporters capable of carrying out mass terrorist acts. In France, the country’s powerful administrative court rebuffed demands by Syria-based French Islamic State (ISIS) brides to be repatriated back to France, arguing the matter was outside its jurisdiction as it involved negotiations with foreign authorities.

If you read the various comments in social media and news sites, a majority of the readers agreed with the UK & Australian’s decision and told that the former ISIS brides deserve it. Of course, there will always be some stupid idealists in the Western world who insists on their Governments to take back the ISIS brides.

But in Malaysia, the other way around is happening.

While some countries are attempting to strip former fighters and their families of citizenship and prevent them from returning, Malaysia says citizens will be allowed to come back, provided they comply with checks and enforcement and complete a one-month government-run rehabilitation programme.

“Not everyone will be detained but all returnees will be interrogated,” Ayob said.

“We will conduct thorough checks and investigation on each returnee. We bring in clerics and psychologists to evaluate their ideology and psychological make-up.

“We will compare intelligence which we received from friendly foreign services. If there is evidence that a returnee was involved in ISIL’s militant activities, he or she would be charged in court,” Ayob added.


Further, in addition to getting these sleepers into the safe zone of the country instead of allowing them to perish at a war zone as expected, there was more disturbing news related to terrorists:-

Malaysia remains a transit point for terrorists as those coming from most Middle-Eastern countries and some African nations do not require a visa, says Deputy Comm Datuk Ayob Khan.

The Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter-Terrorism Division (E8) head said entering the country without a visa has made Malaysia the first choice of foreign terrorist fighters.

“Most foreign militants are of Arab and African nationalities.

“Malaysia has become their first choice since they entered the country without a visa,” he told a press conference at the 11th International Conference on Financial Crime and Terrorism Financing 2019


The decision to bring back Malaysians who had earlier joined ISIS in secret is one of the worst decisions the Malaysian Government could have taken.

Think about it – no one forced them to make the journey from Malaysia to Syria (it is not like they could have walked there), they had ulterior motive on why they joined ISIS and pretty sure involved with ISIS activities of torture & killing. Some were there just to be baby machines for the ISIS fighters. And now defeated and caught with their pants down, they cry for sympathy and asked the Government to bring them back home where they can be safe, perhaps to plot another terrorist attack – this time on fellow Malaysians namely politicians & non-Muslims.


Do you seriously think they have regretted joining ISIS and involved in all the killings? Do you think the Government can change their mind with just one-month government-run rehabilitation program after years of hardcore indoctrination by ISIS? Infographic source: ISIS

Just one simple question – if this one-month government-run rehabilitation program is SO effective, then why not the same program run on mat lajak, mat rempit, drug addicts, runaway teenagers, etc?

We have already been arresting such sleeper cells on a regular basis, so what makes the Government think that this hardcore, battle-hardened ISIS terrorists wanting to come back will not do the same?

The news about the Malaysian Government’s stance on these former members of ISIS is particularly surprising given how just days ago Malaysia chased out six Egyptians and a Tunisian, all of whom are terror suspects linked to Islamist militant groups abroad

In contrast to Malaysian’s stand on welcoming its citizens who joined IS, other countries such as the UK and US are doing everything they can to prevent their citizens from ever returning


So why we are so keen on bringing back these known terrorists and create a time bomb in this country? The IGP says the police will help Malaysian ISIS fighters to come back as they are “our” citizens but does not this make any sense? Why we are not learning from the Governments of UK, Australia or France? Did they treat their citizens with such kindness and velvet gloves after the citizens had gone into another country, killed innocent citizens, turn the country into a war zone and displace millions of people from their homes and when defeated, wanted to come back home?

There is also pressure from the family of these trapped ISIS terrorists to the Government to bring back home their sons or daughters who had joined ISIS.

One of the fathers of Malaysian ISIS bride even said that he does not care about the possibility that she would be detained, he just wants his daughter to be back home and to see his grandsons. In other words, stupid selfish parents like this father do not care all the innocent people that their kids have killed and only care on their own kids & grandkids escaping “hell” that they themselves created and back to the safety & comfort of their homes in Malaysia.

To these parents, the Government should investigate them for supporting terrorists and total failure of teaching their kids from right from wrong. Good parents should have disclaimed their children the moment they decided to run away to Syria & Iraq to be terrorists. And when their screwed up kids call them from refugee camps, they should have just told their kids off and disconnect the line. After all, have CDs, pamphlets and brochures related to the terror groups alone is enough in this country for you to be arrested what more supporting & facilitating terrorists to come back home.

No, we don’t need such thrash coming back home on red carpets. They did not run off to join any charity or to provide any humanitarian assistance. In their wake, they only brought terror, fear, waste, destruction and death. And spread a very twisted ideology of religion and race. No, we don’t need such people even though they may be citizens of this country. They will not contribute anything positive to the country and the people but instead will keep low till the day they can come out in the open to cause more terror.

Hopefully, the Government will come to their senses and will take the same wise decision as the UK, Australia and France have taken on their citizens. Always remember this – “We don’t need people who have done harm and left our country to be part of a death cult and to perpetuate that ideology”.

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