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Why I Love Living in Malaysia By Darren Cronian

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It is interesting on how sometimes we missed looking at Malaysia until someone from outside talks about it. The same was when you see parts of Malaysia shown in some Bollywood song scene and then you realise that the places that you watched is the same place you pass by everyday to work.

So when I watched Darren Cronian’s video, it reminded me of those Bollywood song scenes where one sees Malaysia & places that we are familiar with being shown in the background and you realised that it looks better.

By the way, Darren Cronian got famous recently by his Youtube video of him flying 9,600km from Athens to KL just to eat nasi lemak. So I decided to check out his other videos and noticed that he had stayed in KL for months (he call it long term traveller).

One video however caught my eyes and it is something that probably needs to be shown on national television on National Day. His video on why he loves living in Malaysia probably put most Malaysians to shame – considering how much we sometimes underestimate the strength of the country and the unity of the people. Unfortunately we tend to strive on petty things.

An outsider can appreciate things better than the citizen of the country themselves.

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