Favourite Hindi Song 101: Aao Na by Shankar Ehsaan Loy 2004


I am seriously hooked up with Aao Na from the Hindi movie Kyun! Ho Gaya Na (2004) – I heard the movie bombed in the box office but the soundtrack is classic especially for me, this one particular song. In fact it is running on a non-stop loop on my Hindi playlist even as I am drafting this post.…

Blogging 101: Which is Better – Frequent Short Post or Infrequent Long Post?


Ever since I moved to my own site, I have been trying to be “more consistent” with my post of contents. Image source: elitecopywriter.com

In a way, it is a good thing because I am forced to be on my toe to look out for contents for the blog – fortunately there is no lack of source for the content, from current news, photos, my dreams and travels.…

Kaithi: Probably the Best Tamil Movie of 2019


(Kaithi is one of the best Tamil action movies for 2019 with a very solid storyline, background music and acting. Image source: IMDB)

It is not often I am ready to spent money to watch Tamil movies in cinema and it is for obvious reasons – loose & illogical story line, some of dumbest heroines and out of place song sequences.…

Bailout of RM10.3 Billion: Where is Your Dignity Now?


Whenever the Government announces huge bailouts, 2 things are certain on everyone’s mind:-

ONE: It does not matter if it is cash, guarantee or promises on paper, one way or another, at the end of the day, taxpayers will be forced to bear the cost of the bailout. Taxpayers money that could have been used more productively for development of the country now goes down the drain.…

Cashless Touch ‘n’ Go – Outdated and Must Go?

touch n go

Do you still remember the time before Touch ‘n’ Go was widely used for public transportation, parking and highway tolls? Image source: Compare Hero.my

I still remember the days when I had to queue up at the bus companies counters to get my bus passes –sometimes more than one, depending on the year.…

Trip to Cape Verde 2019: Shocking Arrest By Immigration & Missing Bags


The flight from KL to Cape Verde was eventful with the scariest part – the pilot reporting that the plane has an engine problem and the plane making 180 degrees back to Lisbon. Image: Wrap done on luggage

After 2 months in Cape Verde and gotten busy with work, we soon forgotten about this and we were looking forward very much on the trip back home, back to tanahair, back to family and back to all that glorious Malaysian food.

Delicious Food in Cape Verde – Part 5 (Western)

Read these first:-

This will be the last in the Cape Verde food series (next Cape Verde post will be on return to KL which was also eventful and first time held by Immigration – stay tuned)

When we are in Malaysia, we eat rice most of the time for lunch and dinner.…

National Security 2020: Why the Red Carpet to These Terrorists?


In a galaxy far, far away, these rebels including the beautiful Princess Leia would have been tagged as terrorists in the eyes of the Empire. I am sure many would protest. So what defines someone as a terrorist? Someone who been brainwashed with a twisted interpretation of religion and race and kills innocent people?…

To Improve the Malaysian Economy: Stop Pissing Others Off


The problem with we Malaysian as I have seen over the years irrespective the country is under Barisan or Pakatan ruling is that we all practice double standards. Image source: Reddit

For example, we want other countries to send back the wanted Malaysian 1MDB fugitive known as Jho Low to face the prosecutions in Malaysian courts but we keep an Indian fugitive from deportation to face the prosecutions in Indian courts.…

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