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Happy New Year 2020: Learn, Adapt, Improvise and Move On


I wish Happy New Year and happy holidays to all my subscribers, readers and anyone who had dropped-by to check out my blog. Your visits, comments and likes have been a great motivation to keep blogging.

The year 2019 was a renewal year sort of this blog when it moved from a free site to a self hosting site back in September. I believe I have posted more blog post since then compared to the previous years, ha ha. Moving forward into year 2020, I hope I can sustain the consistency of posting on a regular basis (as at now a post once every 3 days).

Like last year, there is no “New Year” resolutions other than maintaining what I think worked well in 2019 and improving those needs rework.

Health wise, I have started to skip 1 meal in a day starting from mid 2019 which I trust had reduced my daily calories intake. The idea came from the concept of intermittent fasting. I still go for my quarterly blood donation but it will be a bit tougher to do that in 2020 as the hospital had changed their working days on weekend (they only open on the first Saturday of the month, damn!). I also probably need to extend my yoga exercises in the morning and go to bed early.

On the personal side, I do expect more workload for both office & out of office this year to be increasing especially when it comes to managing my kids’ co-curricular activities (yup, big plans for them to keep them busy on the weekends).

Financial planning and sticking to a budget will need my constant discipline – the cost of living keeps going up and I also need to save up for rainy days.

Talking about financial planning, the major expenses I am expecting to incur in 2020 will be related to the maintenance of the two cars at home – in the automotive world, both cars at home are considered as too old so I do expect major parts to be falling apart (hopefully not at the wrong place, wrong time) and will need expensive replacements. One thing for sure, my car needs tire replacement in the next month or so (and with that new rear disc rotors as well) – that is going to burn my pockets badly.

Moving on, 2019 was a disaster when it comes to the State managing the water supplies to the end consumers. I have not lost track of the times the raw water supply was polluted (or rather sabotaged) and we ended up with dry taps for 4-5 days. In 2020, I hope these guys learned their lessons and will be more vigilant on incidents of pollution and go all out to punish those who pollute.

Of course, the other disaster is on the education system in this country, it remains a battle field between those with political, race & religion agendas and those who wants reforms done urgently.

The Jawi lessons in vernacular schools remains a hot and sensitive issue with now, the matter may be brought up to the courts if the Ministry continue to disregard the key stakeholders. I hope the honourable minister and his policy makers will re-look on what is needed for the country to be viable in the current environment.

And finally, I hope year 2020 will be the year, Malaysians will finally see corruption trials coming to an end and those in the docks are sent to prison for a very long time. And in doing so, we also upload the rule of law and deport back criminal fugitives like Zakir Naik back to his country so that other countries will do the same with Jho Low. There should not be any more exercise of double standards.

More of my thoughts and experiences in the coming months! Stay tuned!

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