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Tamil Movie Review: Inspiring Bharath Ennum Naan 2018

Bharath Ennum Naan 2018 Mahesh Babu Telugu Movie Tamil

Bharath Ennum Naan is actually a 2018 Telugu movie titled “Bharat Ane Nenu” that was dubbed in Tamil (it was dubbed incredibly well – kudos to the dubbing team). Image source: IMDB

Bharath Ennum Naan means I, Bharat was acted extremely well by Mahesh Babu who plays a reluctant son of a dead Chief Minister who suddenly pushed into the hot seat by his father’s close who is also the kingmaker in the state.

Bharath is back from overseas studies in London to attend his father’s funeral in India and go back to his studies but his uncle, Varadarajulu who is also his father’s close friend, a kingmaker and his political advisor (also acted brilliantly by Prakash Raj) who convinces Bharath to take up the seat of the Chief Minister.

He wrongly thought the inexperienced man would rely on him for all the decisions and he can control Bharath like a puppet. He is grossly underestimated Bharath’s passion to bring real change to his people.

The Plot

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What you would do when a young eligible Chief Minister calls you and ask you for a date? Obviously you would be calling it a bluff and think that it a big joke. Same case here and the scene is nicely done – just look at the expression of the faces of the ladies.

A summarised synopsis from Wikipedia:-

Bharat arrives in India and attends his father’s funeral and as Bharat prepares to return to London, Varadarajulu cancels his ticket, explaining that he should be the next CM. Bharat objects and asks Varadarajulu to accede instead, but he opposes based on his position and intra-party conflict.

Bharat reluctantly agrees and becomes CM despite his inexperience. On his first day, Bharat surprises the whole state by increasing the traffic fines, in order to make the society to follow the traffic instructions and also to make the society responsible.

Meanwhile, Bharat sees a girl named Vasumathi and instantly falls in love with her.

Bharat surprises his party members by establishing free English Medium government schools and banned private schools (where the Education Minister himself has several private schools) that were gaining more income through education. The people start to like him.

Later Bharat also tries to expose one of the Varadarajulu’s ally Manohar with the help of CBCID Aravind Krishna. But Varadarajulu slaps Aravind and threatens him indirectly that he would kidnap his family if he won’t stop. Aravind frightened and stops the case.

Later Varadarajulu invites Bharat to the party, where he realizes that not only opposition party members but also his own party members including Varadarajulu were involved in Manohar’s scam. There he promises that the politicians, who were involved in Manohar’s scam, to turn them as responsible politicians.

Ramana and other villagers come to Bharat in tears, explaining how their MLA, fellow party member Damu, is unhelpful and corrupt. Now, his son, Jagadish is replacing him, and they seek guidance. Bharat tells Ramana to run against him. Varadarajulu warns Jagadish to threatens the village for not to support Ramana.

Damu’s henchmen kill many villagers in return, so Bharat sends undercover police officers to protect Ramana. Damu’s police officers attempt to murder Ramana at his cinema hall, but Bharat arrives in time to save him. Later Ramana wins the elections with the highest majority and becomes a MLA.

Bharat soon decides local governance must be instated, which succeeds despite the assembly’s disapproval. To stop the local governance, Varadarajulu with the help of Bharat’s C.S Srivatsav, exposes Bharat’s relationship with Vasumathi, causing a scandal and accusations of nepotism since she now works with him.

It goes to be viral. Bharat gets frustrated for spoiling the Vasumathi’s image. Later Bharat resigns, Varadarajulu becomes Chief Minister. Vasumathi and her constable father Ramachandra move to their native village by saying no to Bharat.

A furious and heartbroken Bharat arranges a press meet, where he attacks the media’s sensationalism. There he explains how he and Vasumathi madly love each other but they stating it was an illegal relationship and he explains that if media can put their concentration in people’s problems instead of celebrities’ personals, then they can succeed.

Varadarajulu reveals that he tampered Raghava Rao’s medicines to slowly paralyze and kill him. Bharat swears that he will not spare him and suggests he commit suicide before he reveals all evidence to the police. Finally, all the corrupt politicians are imprisoned, and Varadarajulu commits suicide. Bharat once again takes oath as a C.M.

The film ends with Bharat marrying Vasumathi with Ramachandra’s approval and his stepmother accepts him as her son.

The storyline is well-stiched from the start to end and despite having a love story in it, the director kept our focus on the main crust of the story which is the fight of a young Chief Minister.

Real Change in Politics

Bharath Ennum Naan 2018 Mahesh Babu Telugu Movie Tamil

Politics of the country affects everyone and politics is often dirty and steps harshly on the poor man on the street. Probably that is why when one sees a strong leader who only deals with the country affairs and hates corruption in movies; one wanted it to be real so hard. Image source: IMDB

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Obviously people break the law and corruption is high because they think they can get away with it. Lack of enforcement coupled with low, petty punishment will only allow people to take the law for granted.

In this movie, the new young CM now decides that to in order to force people to follow the traffic rules, the fines will be insanely high and it worked despite high protest from other politicians and wrongdoers.

My first movie that dealt with politics would Shankar’s Indian where anyone who commits corruption is killed. And then Shankar upped the game with Mudhalavan when an energetic TV anchor becomes the Chief Minister and sacks whoever who don’t do their job. How we wish this comes true in real life!!

Bharath Ennum Naan continues with this trend with a fresh look of things on how one needs to run the state.

Impressive Fight Scenes

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Watching Tamil, Telegu and Hindi movies, somehow I found the fight scenes in Telegu movies a bit more violent and a bit more realistic. I do feel pity for the stuntmen involved and the fight scene in this movie in particular in the cinema against the corrupt MLA was well coordinated and done.

The challenge thrown to Bharat is an interesting one – he is safe because of his position as the Chief Minister otherwise he would have been beaten up badly. Bharat accepts the challenge and tells the MLA to send his goons and he promises that he will not let the goons touch him, much to the disagreement of his personal bodyguards.

Background Music

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Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) helms the music for this movie and the main score is well composed fitting for the mass scenes of a young powerful Chief Minister. The score and the songs impressive enough and fits the scenes.

The theme song – The Song of Bharat is indeed the perfect song to be played in the morning to start off the day. Its positive vibe is indeed quick to envelop you at the very start.


Bharath Ennum Naan 2018 Mahesh Babu Telugu Movie Tamil

This movie is in my must keep watch playlist and for a good reason too. It is a dream movie that I always wish that it will come true in reality when it comes to politicians in this country. Image source: IMDB

We want leaders who think the best for the people and not the best for themselves. We want leaders who fight for the rights of the weak and poor. We want leaders who hate corruption, wastage and abuse of taxpayer’s money. We want leaders who promote best and free education for all.

It should be a template for all administration in any country.

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